Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The frustration continues to try to attack today . . . I have lost my eye glassses . . . my eyes are "old" and I NEED them to read anything in regular print. It has been over two years since my eye exam, so I guess I will get myself an appointment so that I can get a new pair. We have looked everywhere . . . in each car, my desk and around the house. They simply aren't anywhere. So I will be calling for an appointment tomorrow. $$$$$$$ are sure to be flying out the door.

I also need to call the Vet for Kamie . . . apparently she has blood in her ear. There are a few other things that have been creeping up on her that I have been noticing, so I guess I should have them check those out too. $$$$$$$$ more to fly out the door.

Thankfully, my Kindle has large print capability! I just hope there isn't anything major I need to read between now and when I get a new pair of glasses.

Thankfully, my family is reasonably healthy and have only been troubled by colds.

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Mimi said...

I hope that you find your glasses. I have reading glasses all over the house-just cheap drugstore ones-and they work great for that tiny print on the kids tylenol! When my kids were toddlers and in kindergarten, they used to like to hide some of my things. Have you tried the fridge, their bedroom drawers, the balcony, etc? LOL- I used to find my cell phone and watch in the strangest places!

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