Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today fell into the "weird" category for me . . . things were a bit out of the ordinary all day . . . seemed a bit like the Twilight Zone. Do you ever have those days?

Woke up a bit earlier than I usually do and took my shower and then came down to the main floor for that oh so good first cup of coffee. Without a hesitation Ryan made his way to the coffee machine and made my coffee PLUS delivered it to me without spilling a drop! What a great start to the day and such a lovely gesture by my seven year old! Thanks RyRy!

As normal, I sat down at my desk to check emails, blogs and facebook . . . as normal I tried to tune out the bickering between the boys. As normal, I had to intervene. I had the boys get their hats, coats and mittens on and load up in the car. I took Mia as normal and Emma (so I didn't have to put her in her kennel for fear that she will get through the cage and eat Bugsy the Guinea Pig.) She was happy to join us and behaved very well in the car.

I dropped the three oldest boys off at school and then headed back home while talking to Mom on the telephone - we talk just about every week day and I simply treasure that time. We arrived home and everyone went inside . . . cup of coffee number two. As I had coffee and talked to Mom I began going over the checkbook for work . . . I had been breezing right through balancing them UNTIL today. I generally try to balance it every week or two instead of waiting the entire month . . . balancing was no problem. Today . . . well, it was weird. I went over EVERYTHING twice and could not find the last remaining $42.00 that was keeping the account from balancing. Now, if you know me well enough, you will know that I absolutely HATE IT when the bank account is not balanced to the penny. Needless to say, I contacted the office to see if they had any idea as to the reason we didn't balance . . . no help there. Something changed in the bank register within the past two weeks to change the ending/beginning balance for this month. GRRRRRRRRR . . . couldn't figure it out.

My telephone was busy, busy today . . .  I had quite a few calls in and out. Yesterday I realized my eye glasses were not in my handbag . . . after an exhaustive search . . . they are still MIA. Today I contacted the eye doctor that my sister Janeie and her family go to and love. I was talking to the woman that sets up appointments . . . Her name was Denise. She asked for some information to get started on the paperwork for new patient and came to my birthday. I told her and she perked up . . . "We are the same age!" So, I asked . . . "Do I know you?" thinking that maybe we went to school together. She said, "No, not unless you lived in . . . ." Click - a light bulb went off in my head. I told her that I didn't grow up there but my brother in law did and mentioned his and my sister's name. Such a small world . . . she in fact new them both VERY well. It was really interesting AND  fun AND kind of weird that I didn't know her but felt that I always had just with the mention of my brother in law and sister. Appointment on Tuesday and I am sooooo looking forward to new glasses for these eyes that has to read things at an arms distance without my glasses.

Then I needed to make an appointment for Kamie, our Sheltie . . . the appointment scheduler was EXTREMELY helpful and wanted to get her in right away! Again, WELCOME TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE! How many times have I had to PLEAD with the vet to get one of my girls in? Tomorrow Morning . . . Wow!

My door bell rang and of course, I had to almost race Cody to the door. I opened it as my pack of dogs followed . . . If I were the door bell ringer and heard my three girls barking, I would probably step back a few steps! Anyway, I opened the door and there was a woman standing there that was in her mid 50's. She introduced herself and told me where she was from . . . a town 50 miles or so away . . . she was looking for houses to clean. She has references that I can call and years of experience. A little over a month ago on one of my blogs, I mentioned that I REALLY wanted to have someone come and clean the house. I asked my "peeps" on Facebook and had three ladies suggested and their phone numbers. I was a bit discouraged though because I really didn't want anyone that I knew or that friends were related to or knew as friends. My reasoning - if it didn't work out, I didn't want to lose a friendship or have hard feelings develop. I let Darlene in and asked her to sit down . . . once the conversation began, I felt instantly comfortable.  I contained my enthusiasm though as I didn't want to appear desperate or something. We chatted about what duties she performs, the price charged and about cleaning supplies. She provided me with five client references and their phone numbers. I spoke to Randy about her . . . he asked some very good questions, to which I had the answers to. The major big turn off which I suspected was that she had no liability insurance. Bummer. She did mention that she thought about getting it, but hasn't. I was a bit disappointed, but Randy was right . . . no liability insurance - we would be responsible for everything if she got hurt. Tonight, just for the heck of it  . . . I did a background check on her . . . other than being married several times, I didn't see any red flags. I have not called her references . . . we won't hire her to clean once a week without the liability insurance. I really did think it was a bit on the weird side that I had just given up the thought of having a cleaning lady and this woman showed up at my door. Oh well, Randy and I decided a long time ago that if we don't agree on something 100% we don't do it . . . it saves us a lot of time, energy and heartache.

After "Darlene" left, I went back to what I was doing . . . the doorbell rang again. This time is was the Scentsy Rep . . . I needed light bulbs for my warmer. She was there all bright and smiling. We talked a few minutes and then she was out the door.

The kids were home shortly after that. Such a weird day . . . didn't get much done, but it was a busy one.

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