Sunday, March 14, 2010

Discouragement vs God's Word

I am a little slow moving today . . . remember that dizzy head I had? . . . well, it is a head cold . . . I will spare you the details.

Satan has been attacking hard at our house. Disobedience has been running rampant . . . I am discouraged. How do you get a child to undertand that what he is doing is wrong and not acceptable under any circumstances. Yes, this child is punished . . . Yes, this child knows there are consequences to the actions committed . . . No, this child doesn't seem to care. I am discouraged. Satan definitely knows the buttons to push. I am trusting God's Word . . . God's Word and Teachings do not return void.

When I feel discouragement come, oftentimes I turn to Bible Study . . . God ALWAYS has something special for me there. Tonight I turned to Session 8 of Beth Moore's "The Inheritance" and I was not disappointed . . . God was ready for me. Am I praying hard enough? Am I praying my child will repent? Do I have sin in my own life that I have not repented for? Have I taught my children about genuine repentance . . . or forced repentance? Am I thankful for my daily life experiences, regardless of what they are . . . am I giving God the glory as He sees me through?

God has entrusted me with my life, my husband and my children. God already knew before time began each and every thing that will happen in my life daily. God's Grace will see me through.

There have been many days that I complain about things that have happened in my day. This didn't go right, that didn't go right, this child did this, so and so did not obey, the kids are fighting. Tonight's study and thought time after has brought a few things up . . . How many times do I complain about them, but don't take them to God? How many times instead of yelling at the kids to "stop it now" should I have gathered them together to work it out through hugs, love and prayer? How many times have I allowed Satan to dredge up the past? How many times have I allowed Satan the satisfaction of my anger? How many times has my example to my children been the example God wants me to project?

Thought provoking . . . Repentance needed . . . Prayer required . . . Glory to God He Forgives!

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Marva said...

Hang in there Juju! I am so with you and we all are guilty of these things at some time or the other. The devil does not deserve the glory for this! Stand firm and praise him through it all! Love you friend! I'll be praying!!!

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