Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can a Mom Participate in THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS activities?

I had read about this book . . . The DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS . . . so, I ordered it. I turned open the cover, just to take a peek. I know, I know I am probably violating some code or something ~ after all, it is a BOOK for BOYS!

As I turned to the first page, I read the title of the page . . . Essential Gear. Since my boys are 7, 6, 5 and 4, there are certain "adventures" they are not quite ready for . . . this is where I come in. I have decided to "choose" their adventures and then guide them as they participate in them. So, when the first page informs the reader of those Essential Gear collection that every boy should have . . . hmmm this momma thinks not. Maybe that is why the Book is written for Boys and Men!

I know, I have your minds reeling . . . what is on the Essential Gear List? O.k. I will tell you . . . and will translate for you as well - I needed the descriptions too!

  • swiss army knife - although I know what a swiss army knife is, my kids are too young - I wonder if a plastic one will do?
  • compass - it is always good to know which way is north . . . especially with a Mom like me that uses landmarks like - Wal-Mart and McDonalds for directions
  • handkerchief - now I know this couldn't possibly be for blowing their nose! Description: for nosebleeds, slings or maybe preventing smoke inhalation - hmmm I think not! 
  • box of matches - never - ever - no way
  • a shooter - favorite big marble
  • needle and thread - for sewing up a wound on an unconscious dog, repairing a torn shirt - hmmmm don't think so, I value my furry babies!
  • pencil and paper - you may see a crime and need to write down a license number or description or even make a shopping list
  • small flashlight - have to have one of these to be able to read a map in the dark
  • magnifying glass - for general interest or to start a fire . . . general interest o.k., but fire starting??? 
  • band-aids - just in case
  • fishhooks - well, those will stay in the tackle box!
The book has some fun things to do . . . at least it appears to me that it does. I have gone through the book and put little sticky tabs on pages so I can easily find the "activities" that are safe, educational and of course fun. 

I will keep you posted with posts and pictures of our adventures. I am certain we will have a great time . . . here are a few of the ideas that caught my eye:
  • insects and spiders
  • juggling
  • making crystals
  • making a battery
  • the greatest paper airplane in the world
  • cloud formation
  • first aid
  • marbles
  • coin tricks
  • the solar system
  • star maps
  • looking in a periscope
  • extraordinary stories
I am about to enter . . . The Dangerous Boy Zone. 

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12-arrows said...

my oldest son, married with two little boys of his own, sent this book as a surprise to his brother, then 12! He loved it and gets it out quite often too! one day you will be able to allow your oldest son to direct the younger ones through it, they even have one for girls, haven't seen it but would love to check it out!

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