Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Beautiful Last Day of March

What a day! I am ready for bed, but decided I should write a post before I do.

I slept in this morning, bless Katelyn's heart she kept the boys relatively quiet so I could sleep in. The past several nights I have been up until between 1 and 3:00 a.m. With five kids, sometimes it is hard to get in Bible Study, talk time with my hubs, other book reading, etc. When I woke this morning, Cody was laying next to me . . . he took my arm and wrapped it around his little body and said, "I just can't stop lovin' you!" Need I tell you that he melted my heart? He did! He told me over and over that he just can't stop lovin' me. Such a beautiful way to start my day.

Coffee and a quick chat with my Mom and then on with my day. I showered and got myself together just in time to join in on the webinar for Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control. I signed up for the ten week webinar series hosted by Heather Forbes. I enjoyed listening and look forward to next weeks webinar.

In the afternoon, I had a nail appointment. Ryan went along with me . . . I am sure he was bored, but said he just liked being with me. Another beautiful moment for me! My boys love their Momma. Once my nails were all touched up and beautiful, we headed downtown to sign Ryan up for baseball for the summer. We thought about signing up the other boys, but decided only Ryan this year. We will all be watching and cheering on Ryan's team. Should be an exciting summer.

Late this afternoon found Ryan, Katelyn, Cameron and I at Wal-Mart. We had a list of groceries we needed to pick up as we hadn't been in three weeks or so. We filled up two carts to overflowing and headed to the checkout. I was relieved to have chosen an aisle that had an experienced person checking groceries. Cameron helped me and Katelyn to situate groceries in my SUV - with four car seats inside, there isn't a lot of extra space for things like groceries. Finally we had all of the groceries in, kids in their seat belts and off we headed toward home. Katelyn got in a little driving time - she is doing very well. Once home, everyone helped with unloading the grocery bags and taking them inside. Toward the end of unloading I dropped a bag and it began pouring liquid out on the garage floor. It wasn't but a few seconds when I realized that my Claussen pickles had bit the dust. I couldn't believe it! I NEVER, EVER by them but thought they would go great with our turkey brats that we were going to cook on the grill. That idea went right out the window! My Mom and I have a little saying when something breaks - "I can't have nothin!" That was kind of how I felt when my pickles were thrown into the garbage. Bummer!

Randy grilled the turkey brats and hot dogs. Katelyn took care of the fries and tots in the oven . . . a wonderful treat for me! The boys wanted to eat outside, but Katelyn, Randy and I wanted to eat inside . . . so we compromised. Katelyn, Randy and I ate inside and the four boys sat on the deck at the table and ate their meal. They were 10 steps from us and we could see their every move . . . but they were having a "picnic" outside and felt like they were OH So COOL! I loved it when I saw my four little boys hold hands around the table and thank God for their dinner . . . without coaxing from Mom and Dad. Praise the Lord! Made this Momma proud!

After dinner, the boys played and looked through their new dinosaur books. Katelyn read on her Kindle, Randy was on his computer and I read a magazine. The dogs were all exhausted from their day of beauty and the house was serene. It was amazing.

We are a bit behind in our spring cleaning schedule, but I am pretty certain we will complete it BEFORE Monday morning comes.

Tomorrow is quickly approaching, so I should say g'night. G'night all.

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jennifer said...

It really is hard to work couple time in, isn't it.

We are in the middle of ball season and having a great time. I hope Ryan enjoys himself this summer.

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