Wednesday, February 10, 2010


As I thought about today's post, it hit me that I need to write a post about things that make my  life easier. Believe me, with a husband, five kids, three dogs, three fish, a guinea pig and a business, I will just about try anything to make my life easier. I should also mention that I Heart (love) each one! So, read on my friends . . . you may have a suggestions for me to try or you may find something that will make your life easier as well. These are in no particular order:

My Computer
My computer - without it, I think I would be lost. Gotta love Technology a place that I can chat with friends, keep track of finances, write my blogs, shop online. It is mine, all mine.

My Sister Jeanette got me started on at Christmas. I absolutely Love . . . if you haven't ordered through - give it a try . . . Free shipping! allows you to choose items that you regularly use and set a time frame for re-order - whether it is one week, two weeks or two months, keeps it all organized for you. I simply go to once a week, click through my reminders, add them to my cart and complete the purchase. Within a few days that blue box arrives at your door with items packaged carefully. No need to fill your cart at the grocery store for these items . . . free shipping right to your door . . . what could be easier? Thanks!!!

Another great place that is a great help is I am pretty sure the majority of you have ordered through at one time or another. I love Amazon too! I can order just about anything I want straight through Amazon. The biggest help though is grocery items - again free shipping. If grocery items show there is a shipping charge, I simply don't purchase the item from them.

Laundry Cart
I don't know where my laundry would be without my wonderful rolling cart! This cart will hold SEVEN loads of laundry. This baby rolls wieth ease and is easy to clean the bag, which by the way is heavy duty! Oh yeah, just so that you know . . . this laundry is already on its way to getting done.

Laundry is going full speed in my Kenmore washers (on the bottoms) and dryers (on the top.) They run smoothly and do a really do well at their job!  I love that they stack and don't take up a lot of room too.

Walter . . . (Roomba)

This is Walter . . . I have previously mention him! He has a brother that lives upstairs in our house too . . . his name is also Walter. So, I guess I could say This is Walter and his brother Walter . . . they look a lot alike!  Walter vacuums our floors each morning at 9:00 a.m. on the main floor and 10:00 upstairs each morning . . . all by themselves. I do still run the vacuum a few times a week - to get those dust bunnies that get into those corners - where do they come from? Without Walter and his brother Walter our home would be over run by bunnies. Thank you Walter and your brother Walter for keeping up with those bunnies!


This is my Kindle DX . . . I HEART my Kindle DX . . . I know I spoke of my Kindle last week, but I can't seem to get enough of it. This little beauty can hold thousands of books, all in its sleek design. Imagine just me, a blanket, cup of coffe and my Kindle . . . I am thinking my Kindle is a part of the family and maybe should have a name . . . hmmmmmm must think about that.

Coffee Machine

This is my Coffee Machine . . . I don't know how I lived without her. She makes my coffee each and every morning without complaint. She only requires minimum maintenance. She makes the best coffee and also has great foam. Bless you Coffee Machine.

Our World has definitely changed . . . When I look at the things that make my life easier, there is a definite trend . . . electronic.


Marva said...

MMMMMM! You make me smile! Just electronics.....that is scary! I love my Dell too! Blessings!!!

Mimi said...

Nice list! I love Alice and amazon, too. No gas, no time away from home. It's so easy! I don't have a Kindle yet, but I do read books on my ipod touch sometimes. I may get a Kindle for my birthday. Have a great day!

Marva said...

HiJuju! I just posted the award! Blessings and thanks!

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