Thursday, February 4, 2010


The Birthday cake is now in the oven - all four layers. I have made a delicious white cake for two layers and then white cake with chocolate chips for the other two layers and I am going to stack them one white, one white with chocolate chips, then white, then one white with chocolate chips. Topped with cream cheese frosting and chocolate sprinkles on top.

Dinner tonight will consist of Meatloaf - Katelyn's favorite, baked potato and ??? Guess I will have to see what I can come up with for the remaining vegetable.

I need to get her presents wrapped . . . not too hard. Plus I ordered her some flowers and had them sent to school from her brothers, along with a Birthday Balloon. As is tradition in our home, Katelyn took Dragon Fly Petit Fours to school today to share with her friends. She loves this tradition as do I.

Cody is giving me a run for my money today . . . sad face from me. He promptly started out his day by pooping his pants and then refusing to cooperate with me. Needless to say, he has lost his Max & Ruby privilege - no tv and he didn't get to help me with the cake. Of course, said little man got his first lesson in cleaning his own mess and didn't care for it much. I did get the parts he couldn't get, but I told him that from now on he was going to clean his own poopie butt. I know, I get the bad mom of the year award . . . but in my defense - he will be 4 next month.

The house smells yummy and the cakes are now cooling. I can't wait to get them frosted!

continued two hours later . . .

The cake is now frosted and it came out lovely. All white with a sprinkled heart in them middle and then brown sprinkles over the rest of the cake. The cream cheese frosting came out divine.  It is now time to get the preparations going for the meatloaf, potatoes and probably green beans. I have a few left overs still in the fridge like green beans and bacon, plus pasta salad.

Katelyn's gifts are wrapped - I made homemade wrapping paper with plain white printing paper and markers. They came out cute . . . hope Katelyn likes them.


Marva said...

Pictures please.........

Happy Birthday Katelyn!

I was thinking green beans too! Hehe!That is what we are having tonight except mashed potatoes w/ gravy and apple cobbler for dessert.

You ar NOT a bad go JUJU!! With fixing to be 4 year old twin boys next month, I completely understand!

The cake sounds delish and I bet the presents are lovely!


heartsfulloflove said...

mmmm!! Happy celebrating! yes, please do post pics of the birthday girl w/her yummy sounding cake.

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