Monday, February 8, 2010


What a day! I am so glad the day has finally calmed - of course, by this time it should have quieted as it is almost 11:00 p.m. Tonight, Katelyn and I decided that we needed one of these:

Well, not exactly this item, but the Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte for me - Yummy and the Hot Chocolate for Katelyn. I have to say the skinny is my absolute favorite and I don't miss a thing choosing the skinny over the other yummy non-skinny versions.

Why did we feel the NEED for Starbucks? I will give you five good reasons . . . they are:

1. Ryan
2. Cameron
3. EJ
4. Cody
5. Randy - yes, I know he is the Daddy and Husband but tonight even he was grating on my last nerve.

All of them were wound tighter than an eight day clock! I know they need to get out and run, but I have to say . . . Boys, it is winter and snowing outside. It is toooo cold to play out, besides that it is mucky and yucky. So - Deal with It! Phew, it feels good to get that out in the open!

Does that make me a "BAD MOM" because I needed to get out of the house and no matter who wanted to go with Katelyn and I the answer was "No."

This morning when I was taking the boys to school, (Katelyn and Ryan weren't feeling well so they stayed home) Cody wanted to go with me - I really just wanted to quickly take the boys to school and then get back hom - I told him "No, stay home with Sissy" Then when asked "Why - I will miss you when you go?" my answer was . . . "I will be right back in a few minutes - 15 at the most." I left my little one at home in very capable hands - his 17 year old sisters. Did this make me a "Bad Mom?"

Papers came home from school that the boys did last week. EJ and Ryan did pretty good on their papers - a couple of B's, but nothing lower than that. Cameron . . . not so good! He brought home incomplete papers, several papers with an extreme amount wrong and even an F on one paper. Apparently, my little man decided he wasn't going to do his paper. Nope, not him . . . he wrote his name and then decided he was done. I guess, out of sight out of mind. When he was asked what happened that he couldn't do his paper we received this as an answer: because . . . because . . . because . . . well, um . . .  I was um . . . I was um playing in my desk. What were you playing in your desk? I was um . . . playing with my pencils and erasers. Hmmmmm not good! Well, my little man spent his evening reworking all of the papers he did wrong PLUS actually doing the paper he got an F on, PLUS doing extra papers that Mom thought up by looking at what he was working on. Needless to say, my evening was taken up with Cameron's school work and Ryan's make up work. Ryan wasn't very happy with me either - if I couldn't read something he wrote in his paper with paragraphs or his numbers on his math paper I erased them and he had to do them again. Yes, I had to call in the big guns - a pencil eraser that goes on top of the pencil over the original eraser . . . there was that much erasing to do. He almost growled at me once when I started erasing again . . . I told him - Ryan I will stop erasing when you press hard enough with the pencil, write the word or number correctly and I can read it. If however you choose to continue on the path you are on now, I will continue to erase until you do your work correctly. I know - I am a MEAN Mom. NOT! I know what my children are capable of and just doing the work to get it done or not doing the work is simply not acceptable. Again, Am I a Bad Mom? or Maybe I get the Good Mom label on this one.

Today I downloaded a book onto my Kindle . . ."Am I Messing Up My Kids? by Lysa Terkeurst. I have read one chapter and I have to say, I don't want to put this book down! Lysa is an amazing writer! She writes about Real, True to Life experiences - no sugar coating in her book! You want to know the amazing part?  She and I have some things in common that I noticed right off . . .

  • There are times I think I am the worst Mom ever

  • I have FIVE children and so does she

  • There are days we both go to drive thrus for our dinner meals

  • There are times our tone or our words come out ugly before we even realize it and Satan gains a point

  • There are days that I let my to-do list overflow while withholding my time with the Lord

  • There are days that I feel like things have gone well and I am a "Good Mom" and then there are days that I just didn't get things done or have time for this or that and I feel like a "Bad Mom."
As Moms, our lives are so full to overflowing that getting just a few minutes alone is almost impossible, let alone a quiet time with God. We continue each day to pour out ourselves for our families, but before long we are running on empty yet again. We need to be refilled.

When you or I make a bad decision, say the wrong words, forget or eliminate our God time from our lives it is time to ask God to Forgive you and to cleanse you. Then take the time to apologize to your children, husband, the dog . . . where ever you "lost it" and not let Satan glory in the mistake you made. God is a Forgiving God . . . since God Forgives and is the Ultimate Example, shouldn't you forgive yourself? Move on . . . without the guilt or baggage

Be an example to your children . . . Be an example of God's Grace, God's Forgiveness, God's Love

In Lysa's book she states: "With God, I'm never a bad mom. I might be having a bad moment . . . or two . . . or seventeen, but a few bad moments do not define me as a bad mom. God's grace is there to cover me. Teach me. And even in the middle of a bad moment, interrupt me, redirect me, and change me. Forgiveness is there. Love is there. A second chance is there."

INCREDIBLE, isn't it? We Mom's have a ton of things in common and Lysa hit the nail on the head. I want to close by leaving you another quote from Lysa: "You are exactly the mom God knew your children needed. Let's live in that truth today."

God Bless


Marva said...

that sounds like a great read and I think you are a terrific Mom! Hugs and blessings!!!

Jeanette said...

Just remember that they get older every day and one day you won't have to erase and make them do it over :} Bad mom? Nope!

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