Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The snow fell for most of the day today and tonight the wind is howling! Randy had plowed our drive when he arrived home from work this afternoon, but you cannot even tell that he plowed tonight. The wind is really whipping that snow arround!

I have some really great news to share tonight! Do you remember yesterday's post with this little guy?

Well, this morning he was making little toots so I told him to go and sit on the potty and try real hard. It took him a bit, but HE DID IT!!! CODY POOPIED ON THE POTTY! He was so excited and so was I - my heart was beating so fast and excited about his news and the evidence that he did what he said he did!!! Way to Go little Man! Overall he had a great day and only one potty accident this afternoon. This was the best potty day he has ever had!

The kids seem to be doing better in school this week. So far, knock on wood - no one has gotten into trouble.

This afternoon, after dinner we cleaned Bugsy's cage. He is doing so well. He is calming and even comes out of hiding when we are near. Here are a few pictures of how big he is getting . . . of course he should be for as much as he eats and then poops  processes that yummy guinea pig food. Take a look:

Bugsy is on top of his wooden house eating his "salad." I barely placed it up there and his little nose was peeking out and sniffing in that "wondrous smell to guinea pigs."

This picture is so funny - I snapped this picture as Bugsy is chewing. It looks like he is saying, "Hey . . . you lookin at me?"

Tomorrow night we will be busy with the kids . . . their Valentine parties are in a few days. There are so many cards for them to sign and little chocolate treats to package up. They are very excited to get it all ready.

Inquiring Minds Wanted to Know:
  • What did Ryan do to Bugsy to scare him so badly that he had to be moved from his room? Well, Ryan wouldn't quit messing with Bugsy and his cage. The last straw was when Ryan was running his fingers back and forth across the bars to the cage making a horrific  sound. Bugsy was terrified! I tried to sooth him by humming to him and holding him close which he seemed to enjoy, but then he bit me. It wasn't a bad bite and I really don't think he meant it - I think he was just freaked out.
  • How much snow do you have? Well, I think that depends on where in the neighborhood you go - but I estimate about 6 inches. By tomorrow morning all of our snow will be across the state and we will have someone elses snow from all of the wind!
  • Is the boy at school still giving Ryan problems? Not that I know of. I have asked Ryan a few times if he has bothered him, but he smiles and says "Nope!"
Well, I have promised myself that I am going to be BEFORE midnight - guess I need to close this post. Have a great day tomorrow - be safe!

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Marva said...

Yay Cody!!! Way to go buddy!

Julie, have a great week and Happy Valentine's Day!


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