Thursday, February 11, 2010


Tonight we accomplished getting everything ready for the valentine parties tomorrow at school. The cards are all addressed, signed and ready to go. The chocolate is all divided into each class - that was an extreme amount of chocolate. All has been put into back packs. Whew! Katelyn helped me as I didn't have the patience tonight to endure little boy help.

Tomorrow Ryan and EJ will enjoy lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. Isn't that awesome! I would have loved to have my grams and gramps eat lunch with me at school. Great Memories for them!

Today Cody and I took a very long nap . . . it was awesome and very much needed. Cody has been battling a bit of a cold, so the nap was probably beneficial to his body as well as mine.

If you haven't gotten on board with the new online study with Beth Moore, I recommend it highly. Go on over to the Living Proof Blog and get started! Just type in Beth Moore, I am certain it will pop right up.

I don't have any more for you tonight . . . the brain is wiped out . . . do you ever feel like you just have nothin left?



Marva said...

Yay........nothin'! I'll post about it all later. Blessings!!!

Mimi said...

Oh yes, I have days when my brain is a blank and I am just living for bedtime!
I can just imagine how much chocolate you sent off to school today-mind boggling!

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