Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Day

Laundry is running once again . . . I should have it all finished today. I am basically working on the odds and ends that need to be done in the house today. I need to run the vacuum and use the steam mop on our hard floors.

Cleaned Bugsy's cage this morning . . . he loves his cage clean as it also means a new selection of foods for him. He is a very happy piggie and is actually enjoying when we talk to him. The other night he was out of his cage and began a high pitched whistle . . . I teased and told my family that it sounded like a BMW car alarm. We  put him back into his cage and he immediately went to his corner to go potty . . . good little guinea pig!

Cody is finally enjoying the quiet of the house too. I love it when he plays independently and I can hear him talking.

My husband Randy's Aunt died this morning unexpectedly. They live in Texas and we do not see them often. She was a Godly Christian Woman and I am certain she is sitting at the feet of Jesus as I write. Praise God for His promise of Eternal Life!

Tonight I think we will have a lovely pork chop dinner. What a wonderfully yummy smell that will be lofting through the house. Once everyone walks in the door they will immediately know what we are having for dinner.

My laundry is buzzing . . . gotta tend to it. Have a great day!

1 comment:

Marva said...

Sorry to hear about Randy's aunt! Blessings and Prayers.......

oh, How's Cody doing with the potty?

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