Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Little of THIS, THAT &

I should be going to bed, but I wanted to get in a post.

Today I had that wiped out feeling . . . do you ever get that? I have had a pinch in my neck to my shoulder for a few days now and it doesn't want to go away - maybe that is why - or it could have been all of the work I did yesterday. ha ha

This afternoon I decided to make a really big dinner for my family, so off to the freezer I went to see what I had out there. I try to keep it stocked well so that I have a good selection - plus you never know when we will get snowed in or something like that.

Our yummy dinner consisted of:
  • pork chops baked with onions and mushrooms and topped with pineapple - my family went ape over the pineapple . . . I figured it worked for chicken, why not pork
  • broccoli & cheese
  • green beans and bacon
  • deviled eggs
  • pasta salad
  • parmesean dinner rolls
Dinner was a huge success and tummies were filled to bulging. Cody was cranky and didn't want to obey so we told him to go to his room until he was ready to cooperate and have dinner. He went into the Library and got very quiet. This is how we found him . . .

He was laying on our library floor next to a box that had been delivered by UPS. He had his puppy in his arms, one of his blankets and the new dog cushion/bed that had come in and was fast asleep. I guess I wore him out yesterday and he was really tired today. Bless his little heart! I sure love that little man!


Jenny said...

Oh he is so precious.

Kelli said...

I need to come to your house for dinner. sleepy!

Mimi said...

I was feeling really tired out yesterday and I just gave up and went to bed early.
Your dinner sounds yummy. I think I'll make pork chops for my gang tonight, too. I hope that today you'll feel more energized. Unfortunately I don't! In fact, I think I feel worse.
Cody is so cute. You are so lucky to still have a precious baby boy at home with you. I love the picture!

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