Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day EVERYONE! I hope the day has treated you well!

Our day has been consumed by cleaning our main floor. Everyone had a task to be done. Along side my kiddos I did chores, along with supervise the boys. We are trying to teach them that when they are doing a chore (or anything for that matter) it is much easier to do it right the first time. If however, the children decide they are going to NOT do the chore or not do it correctly, it is common knowledge in our home that they will start the chore over . . . regardless how many times it takes to get the chore done correctly. This process took the better part of the day to complete for two of the boys. It is so much easier AND better to just do the chore correctly the FIRST time so we can get done and move on to fun time.

Today, Katelyn and I deep cleaned the main floor with the help of our boys. They are really good at washing down cabinet fronts with Murphy's Oil Soap, vacuuming with our canister vacuum and mopping floors.

Our Main Floor is literal GLEAMING! So, just because inquiring minds want to know . . . This is what we accomplished today on our Main Floor (Upstairs will be cleaned tomorrow and the basement will be cleaned through the week):
  • cleaned the Guinea Pig cage - Kate
  • mopped the pantry - Ryan
  • laundry - Me
  • scour the kitchen sinks - yes sinks - I have two complete sinks in my kitchen. One that is our regular sink and one that is our prep sink - Me
  • unload and load the dishwashers - Me
  • wipe the kitchen counters - Kate and I
  • murphy oil soap the kitchen table and chairs - EJ
  • murphy oil soap the kitchen cabinets - lower ones - EJ and upper ones - Kate
  • ironing - me
  • dusting - we all joined in
  • cleaning the 1/2 bath by the laundry - Me
  • dusting the 1/2 bath and cleaning the vanity - Katelyn
  • toilet cleaning - Me
  • vacuuming -  Walter, EJ and Cameron
  • mopping the kitchen - Cameron
  • mop the laundry room, mud room and bathroom - EJ
  • garbage out - Ryan
  • dusting the Library - Kate
  • dusting the piano room - Kate
  • dusting the family room - Kate
  • dust bar stools - EJ
  • wipe down stairs - Ryan
  • dust his bedroom - Ryan
  • dust hallway between kitchen and library - Kate and Ryan
  • washed back door glass - Me
  • cleaned stainless - Me
  • cleaned stainless fridges - Kate
  • vacuuming and mopping of the hardwood - Kate
  • mop the foyer - Ryan
  • vacuum the family room furniture - Kate
  • referee, supervisor, exercise instructor - for those who didn't want to do their chores . . . Me and Randy
I don't know one of us that didn't have a full day! What a great feeling it is though to look at your children and tell them what a tremendous job they did on their chores.  Thank YOU my loves for helping out with the chores today! You guys ROCK!

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jennifer said...

You are all formally invited to my home. Bring your cleaning supplies :)

That is AWESOME!

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