Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today seems like it has gone on forever ~ although I know that today has not been any longer than any other day. I am not sure I even remember this morning ~ that is how long today has been, ahem . . . even with a nice nap.

I have to tell you . . . I am so excited and a bit surprised, my husband has been reading my blog. Yep, he has. Now I am not sure if it is normal that husbands read their wives blogs or abnormal, I just know that my husband READS MINE! We have actually been talking about things that I have written too! He Loves Me and WANTS to know what I am talking about. I do have to confess, I did put a little tab at the top of his internet page so he had easy access, BUT HE clicks it to read it! Ladies that is HUGE! It almost feels like he is persuing me again . . . like when we were dating! hmmm (insert BIG smile here!) It makes me feel special!

Katelyn has started receiving College Recruitment letters in the mail. This week she received two! She is keeping each one of them ~~~ she wants to see how many she gets. Apparently, her ACT scores were appealing to the colleges. We knew she did very well, but it is really nice to have others know it too. She was smiling ear to ear when she opened the letters and read them! I still cannot believe my baby girl is receiving college recruitment letters . . . where has time gone? Have you seen it?

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