Sunday, February 21, 2010

God Was the Topic at Dinner

We had rain most of the day today, but now it has turned to snow. Not sure what it is all going to amount to for tomorrow, hoping no cancellations of school.

Tonight at dinner we had quite the conversation, Ryan said, "I just don't GET God." I thought this was quite a different conversation coming from a seven year old, so I asked . . .What don't you get? Ryan replied, "I don't get how GOD made man." I looked at him and smiled . . . I asked, "Don't you remember how the Bible said that God made man?" "Yep, he made man out of the dirt." I answered, Yep, he made man out of a mud pie! All the kids laughed and the comaraderie began. Cody then asked, "Where is God?" Randy told him in Heaven. Cody asked, "in the clouds?" Nope, higher than the clouds . . . "Can the astronauts see Him?" Cody asked. No the astronauts can't see Him. "Can the rockets see him?" No the rockets can't see God either. Cody smiled real big and said, "I can put on rocket boots and go up on a cloud and sit so I can see God." To which we all smiled. How precious that this little one wants to put on rocket boots so he can fly up to the clouds to see God!

EJ started singing a little song he learned at school about God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit three in ONE. Cody picked it up and said, "God the Fadder, God the Son and God the Howwwwwe Spirit!

I think God that while God was watching and listening to our little family conversation He couldn't help but smile!

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Mimi said...

I'm sure that God was smiling and maybe even laughing.
What a sweet conversation!

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