Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Enjoyable Day . . . Then the Progress Reports Came Home :-(

Had such a great day today . . . gave Dad a haircut and had a nice visit with him. Then Mom and Aunt Doris came and we all sat down and had lunch (Mom and Aunt Doris brought their own.) Then we measured for correct bra size according to - that was a riot! We all sat in the family room and chatted while Cody enterained us. Oh yeah, Mom met Bugsy for the first time and he loved her. Aunt Doris talked to him and he started squeeking. Then he pooped on me - could be why he was squeeking I guess.

Cody did well all day being dry . . . until the boys came home and then he wet himself. I was disappointed. We will try again tomorrow.

The kids all brought home their progress reports . . . they all have areas they need to work on. Guess we have been a bit too lax around here. I was a bit put off by some of their grades. Needless to say, everyone is busy working on areas that need to be worked on.  We don't believe in yelling at our kids for their grades, however they do know when we are disappointed because we know they are not doing their best work.

One of my boys would not obey today at school and was disrespectful to another child, so he will not be rewarded by Grandma and Grandpa next week for lunch. Sorry Grandma and Grandpa but our second oldest son will not receive that blessing this time around. So far so good with the other two.

Tonight we are going to enjoy a wonderful down home fried chicken meal! Randy and Cody have gone to pick it up.

I must go and get the girls from their day of beauty.

Have a great night.

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