Friday, February 19, 2010


Today's post I dedicate to all of the little Male Creatures in my Home. That is right . . . My Boys - Ryan, Cameron, EJ and Cody. When God made little boys I just know that he laughed! I can just imagine the twinkle in God's eyes the first time he watched a little boy. Little boys are so unpredictable, goofy and just plain out of control for most of their day.

Pre-children I  never thought of myself as a "BOY" mom . . . nope! God, however KNEW better! God has such a sense of humor! That was proven to me the very first time I changed my newborn Ryan! Little boys definitely have a way of catching you "off guard" and "unaware!"

So, what have My Boys been up to lately???

Cody continues to work on potty training. He generally stays dry during the day, but night time he doesn't seem to control yet. He is also working on his ABCs.

EJ is doing better in reading and has found that he loves music. His Kindergarten teacher thinks he may be a natural at the piano. EJ wants to take lessons, but that will have to wait until next year. Apparently during music class, EJ practiced twice on paper and then played an entire song through for his teacher on the bells. His teacher thinks he will be a natural at the piano.

Cameron is reading much more fluently now and enjoys reading. His writing in cursive is going well and is very legible if he takes his time.

Ryan continues to work on his writing. He tends to write very small and sloppy, so we are working on that with him.

In their fun time, they each love to play with Legos. Is there anything better? It is amazing to me all of the things they can come up with.

Funny or Quirky About My Boys:
  • Cameron likes to sing or hum while doing chores - you can always hear where he is
  • EJ likes to help (when the mood strikes him) with chores and tidy up
  • Ryan is ultra bouncy most of the time . . . he has only one speed - sonic (unless he is cleaning his room)
  • Cody is a dare devil and likes to do everything the boys do
  • As they "play" I hear words like hot lava, light sabors and darth vador
  • they tend to have pee fights in the bathroom if they sneak happen to be in there at the same time
  • like to feed the dogs their vegetables
  • wear their clothing backward
  • give answers like . . . I dunno, wasn't me, because and never saw it
  • stand next to you, let a stinker and walk away like nothing ever happened
  • sleep on top of their bed comforter instead of under the sheet so they don't have to "make" their bed
  • hide dirty clothes instead of taking them to the hamper or laundry room ~~~ this, of course "Saves Mom on laundry"
  • wipe their mouth on their sleeve instead of using a napkin - of course, they think they are being "green" because they are not using napkins which come from trees
  • "forget" to wipe their bottom and when asked why . . . they apparently were out of time to do it
  • hold onto themselves - when asked if they had to go potty - "No, just had an itch" - this one must follow them into adulthood!
  • my guys also can't find what they are looking for ~~~ even when it is right in front of them
  • they give me the daily "poop" count for Bugsy . . . totally amazes them how much a guinea pig can poop
  • think they should eat all day ~~~ which wouldn't be a bad thing except that they would eat us out of house and home
  • leave every light on in the house ~~~ regardless if they are in the room or not
  • don't like anything PINK
  • become totally oblivious to anything around them when they are zoned into the televsion ~~~ also training for adulthood
  • think they need to talk to you RIGHT NOW when you are either on the telephone, in the bathroom or trying to take a nap
  • tell me they love me many times a day ~~~ this is AWESOME
  • love to make messes ~~~ but they don't love cleaning up

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