Friday, February 26, 2010

Boy Competitiveness and Carbs

Cody is ALWAYS competitive with his brothers. I guess it is being the youngest of five children and the little brother. This morning, Ryan said that his eyes were a bit pink because of his cold and Cody immediately chimed in with "I have pink eyes too!" Ryan disagreed with me, so Cody took it to the next level . . . "M - O - M - M - Y . . . do I have pink eyes?" No sweetie, they are pretty white. "But NO Mommy, I have a cold and I touched my eye and felt that it was pink." No sweetie, they are pretty white. "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWE!!! Ryan, do YOU have pretty white eyes like me?"

It always amazes me at which lengths my children will go to compete with one another. It doesn't matter what it is . . . writing, grades, lego building, rokenbach, the wii, blocks, taking the dogs out, eating, walking, running, etc. Of course all of this competitiveness leads to fussing, fighting and arguing.

During the day, when the other kids are at home Cody doesn't have to be competitive about anything. he just hangs out, makes big messes in the house and eats. This kid is a carboholic with a capital C! He will eat and eat himself carbs and thoroughly enjoys himself.

Today, he had chips at lunch time . . . you know those stackable ones in the red can? Well, the can was full when he started (and in his defense, he did share some with me) this is what remains:

That boy loves himself some Pringles!

This girl LOVES cleaning up the crumbs that the boy leaves!

 I should be happy that he is eating veges right??? Well . . . Pringles are from potatoes, aren't they? (insert smile and wink here)

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Mimi said...

Boys can really put away the food! My Nick would eat an entire large pizza if I let him. Cody is a cutie!

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