Thursday, January 28, 2010


Finally . . . the house has quieted, I must say it was out of control loud. The kids really need to get outside to run off some of that energy!

Today felt like a Monday - It was very long or at least it felt that way to me. I am exhausted.

EJ was in trouble at school again yesterday and today. I don't know that this child will ever learn to obey his teacher. Cameron has also been in trouble this week as he won't stay quiet when he is supposed to. Ryan joined Cameron's talking club and brought home a naughty note earlier in the week as well. Ryan is the only one that will tell us that he brought home a note - Cameron just won't tell us unless we ask and EJ hides them. No wonder I am exhausted!

Today I was busy with laundry and working on inventory for the office. Cody kept himself busy for most of the day until he wanted me to watch Max and Ruby with him. So, Mommy went into the family room to do just that.

I am not sure what tomorrow is going to hold for Cody and I. Who knows what we will do.

Do you ever have a case of the "Why Is Its?" You know . . . Why is it that ??????? The reason I ask is because this past week, I have asked that many times over. Let me share a little . . .

Why is it . . .???
  • when I go into the bathroom there is no paper on the roll? or at the most a square or two?
  • I am the only one that understands that the dogs need to go outside?
  • I am the only one that knows where toys go?
  • that I am the only one to recognize when a child's shirt is on backwards (or pants)?
  • no one sees the garbage needs out?
  • Mommy seems to be the only name my kids know when they are arguing, tattling or otherwise need a referee?
  • when I ask who did something no one seems to know who did it?
  • when I ask my children a question I am answered with only blank stares?
  • my boys think nothing of passing gas as they stand and talk to me or walk passed me?
  • you can't set those little air fresh thingies to only go off when it senses movement instead of every 35 minutes?
  • the water tank is empty in the morning when I want a cup of coffee?
  • nothing good is ever on television - even with satelite tv?
  • the doorbell always rings at the most unwelcomed time?
  • when you are in the bathroom everyone thinks it is their cue to come find you?
  • when you want your children or husband to listen to you they never can hear you, but when you are trying to talk privately everyone hears everything?
  • junk mail does not automatically go into junk mail?
  • you are dead tired, but cannot sleep?
  • you make a great dinner only to have someone you love snub it and say they want something else?
  • your children act as if they have had their driver's license for years and tell you how to drive? (a.k.a. little boy that is 3)
  • why is it said little boy won't cooperate and use the toilet like a big boy - after all, he already knows how to drive - shouldn't he know how to use the potty?
Well, I am not sure about you, but my list could go on and on. What can you add to this list? What is it that you don't know the "Why" of/to? By the way, when you figure it out, let me know! o.k.?


C.Thompson said...

I hear ya. Yesterday was a long day. Why is it when I get one kid well another gets sick??? Happy Friday!!

Jeanette said...

The answer to all the questions is.....


Mimi said...

Being a mom is so much fun!

Jenny said...

I got one, when the phone rings everyone looks at you and no one gets up to get it.

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