Saturday, January 2, 2010


Can you feel it? Do you have them? Do you want one?

What in the world am I talking about?

Can you feel it? The cold . . . the temperature right now is ONE degree. Yes, that is the actual temperature. What? Oh you want to know the windchill . . . NEGATIVE 7. If you don't know what negative seven feels like, just imagine this: you walk outside and immediately have icicles coming out of your nose because usually your nose starts to run and then it freezes. Imagine those poor dogs that have to go outside to go to the bathroom . . . poor little things! You can also stick your tongue to a flag pole to see if it sticks . . . it will, so don't do it unless you have back up support and a rescue squad to help you get your tongue off of the flag pole - the two will be come one.

Do you have them? Icicles hanging from your nose.

Do you want one? a nice warm heated blanket to snuggle up in on such a cold night.

The scary thing is that we aren't the coldest place in the world, not that you would ever want to go to the coldest place in the world. However, that does bring up the question . . .

Where is the coldest place in the world?

  • The coldest temperature ever recorded at the South Pole was more than 102 degrees below zero. That’s plenty cold, but it’s not the coldest temperature ever recorded on the continent of Antarctica.
  • In 1960, Russian scientists working at an Antarctic base called Vostok, more than 750 miles from the South Pole, recorded a temperature of almost 127 degrees below zero! This is the coldest temperature ever recorded anywhere on the face of this planet
Those facts are simply amazing. I cannot even begin to imagine what NEGATIVE 127 BELOW ZERO feels like. I imagine that a lot more than your snot will freeze in a matter of seconds.

Writing this post makes me cold . . . I want to snuggle inside a warm blanket. Now where is the remote?


Elizabeth said...

As someone who lives an hour south of the Canadian border... I know exactly what you're talking about. Our high today was -9. You don't want to know the temp right now!

C.Thompson said...

Burrrrr. Definitely not Texas weather,lol.

tonya said...

Don't laugh. When it drops to 40 degrees we light a fire in the fireplace! I'd never survive in your part of the country!


Mimi said...

That is COLD! I hope that you're all staying inside. There's no way we southern Californians could survive that kind of cold!

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