Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

I can't wait for the first sign of spring and get rid of all of this gloom. January in Central Illinois is full of gray skies, dark days and the feeling of cabin fever. This past week looked just as I described it in the first two sentences. I am thankful we are getting ready to move on to February soon because we are ready for some SUNSHINE!

Today was pretty normal for us and we set our sights on getting the upstairs clean and tidy. It is really nice when everyone chooses to do their share without reminders, but that did not happen today. The master suite looks fabulous as does the hallway. Ryan tidied his room - which really needed it and then Katelyn ran the vacuum and mopped it for him. Cameron and EJ's room wasn't too bad, but their closet was out of sorts, so Cameron worked to get it tidied and the clothes put where they were supposed to be. Katelyn vacuumed and moped their room as well. Cody's room was a disaster with toys all over, so Cameron and EJ were to tidy it and put all of the toys away. Needless to say, they were too busy playing and arguing with each other that the room did not get finished. This week, Cody and I will dig into it and get everything where it is supposed to be. Then it can be vacuumed and mopped. The boys' bathroom was to be cleaned by Randy . . . not sure he did it.

Later this afternoon, Katelyn and I were enjoying a bit of peace and quiet upstairs in our sitting room when I was asked by Ryan if he could sit with me and watch a movie. Sure . . . no problem. It wasn't long before the boys and then Randy joined us. I am not complaining by any means, but I think everyone would have been more comfortable on the main floor in the family room - plenty of seating there. Nope - everyone joined together in our sitting room and sat on the floor to watch the movie - Indiana Jones. Popcorn and other snacks were enjoyed and I guess everyone had a great time.

The dogs are doing well with the new training system. Today we took the day off, but will resume it tomorrow. The house has been much more calm since we began the training system, we are very pleased. The dogs all appear to be at my feet all of the time too . . . guess I am the pack leader. I went into the bathroom to answer the call of nature and two of my dogs came into the bathroom and sat until I left the room. Was kind of weird. Emma seems to be the most calm - which is a real shocker, although she is not the easiest to teach commands to. Kamie is the easiest to teach and catches on pretty quickly - her barking has diminished by 60% in just a few days. Emma goes into her kennel now without fussing, whining or barking which I must say is incredible! Mia no longer screeches when put into her kennel - which really saves on the ears!

The snow is almost gone now and the only white we see is the fort wall that Randy built for the boys. I am glad to see it has melted away.

I must finish up so I can get to bed . . . morning comes early.

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Marva said...

Sounds like a good weekend! I am so glad the dog training system is workign for ya'll!

The boys have a really hard time cleaning up, more especially Mason. His room is almost always messy.


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