Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Recap - January 31.

The kids are getting ready to watch G Force on DVD. The day has been pretty good today . . . didn't do much, just let the kids play and hung out. The extent of my work today has been pay bills, balance the home checking and the work checking and tidy Bugsy's cage a bit - somehow his water bottle emptied all over one end of the cage and his bedding was wet.

Naps were on the list for today and were well received.

Yesterday afternoon, Ryan, Katelyn, Mia and I went out and about. Hobby Lobby was our first stop as Katelyn needed to get some mats for her frames to put her latest drawings in. Then it was off to Petsmart to look for a few things. Mia got to go in and at first she was very nervous and shaking . . . when she was a puppy I would take her and she would get very nervous in the fish section. All of those creatures swimming around really made her nervous. We looked at all of the animals and fish - they had a beautiful Conure . . . I would love to have a large bird! This is what a Conure looks like, but is not the one we saw.

We also saw snakes, lizzards, cameleons, birds, mice, hamsters and gerbils. It was nice to just walk around and see the animals, crickets - for fishing, crabs, turtles, fish.

After Petsmart, we drove to TGI Friday's and I went in and placed an order for take out. We drove around for 20 minutes - or I should say, Katelyn drove around for 20 minutes and then we went back and picked up our most amazing dinner and headed home. Katelyn was excited to get in so much driving time - around 2 hours worth to add to her requirements before getting her license. We always told her she had to be 17 . . . I am freaking out a little because she turns 17 on Thursday. She won't be allowed to get her license yet . . . she needs much more time behind the wheel. Now, don't get me wrong - she does pretty good, but I don't feel that she has had sufficient time of learning. I pray that God will give me the peace I need when it is time to let her get her license.

Tomorrow starts Spirit week at school. The kids are pretty excited. Should be interesting to see what goes on throughout the week.

Time to close . . . have a great week!


Marva said...

Way to go Katelyn and happy early birthday! Blessings!

Mimi said...

What an exciting time for Katelyn. Driving is a biggie!
My kids are already planning what their first cars will be. Nick wants a Mustang - a typical guy thing-and Bella wants a VW Beetle or a mini Cooper. I want them to drive big tanks when the time comes!
Just think Julie, you'll have a willing driver and you can sit back and enjoy the scenery!

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