Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Sun is Shining!

The sun is trying to shine today, but the cloudy gloom is giving it a good fight. The temperatures have fallen to about 16 degrees once again . . . a far cry from the 40's of last week. The weather is just playing with us! Oh how I miss the sun . . . :-(

The past two nights I have not slept well . . . I strained my neck over the weekend and it is still bothering me, plus I have had a headache to go along with it. I definitely feel like taking a nap today. That will be after my nail appointment.

Laundry is humming along today . . . have kept up with the laundry so it is not out of control! yippee! The house looks pretty good, so not much to do there.

The kids had a pretty good day at school yesterday and I am hoping they do again today.

The dogs continue to do well with their training. They are all being quite cooperative and calm. I love seeing the difference in them.

Has anyone watched the "Worst Cooks in America" on Food Network? OH MY GOODNESS . . . these people are REALLY bad! I am quite surprised though that the Chef teacher's didn't start these poor people out on easier recipies - I can't believe what they have them attempt. It is almost like they are setting them up for failure. My heart really goes out to them . . . some really tried, but just didn't have what it takes. One of the "chefs in training" actually had a fire on an ELECTRIC stove. Wow! Maybe they really are the WORST cooks in America!

Dinner at our house last night was roasted chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, green beans, sweet corn and bread/butter. It was a HUGE hit. Tonight will be Italian beef sandwiches AND macaroni and cheese. Did I mention that comfort food is such a hit at my house?

Better get to moving, must get the italian beef in the crock pot and get myself together for my nail appointment.


Marva said...

The food sounds yummy! We love our comfort food too! I haven't watched the show.......sounds interesting though.

Hope you feel more like yourself soon. The boys are up from their nap....

Hugs and blessings!!!

Jeanette said...

Try putting a tablespoon of veggie cream cheese in the chicken before wrapping it with bacon. YUMMO!!

Mimi said...

We've had dreary rain and cold here, too.
It's about 24 degrees outside now. That is extremely cold for so Cal.
I hope that you feel better soon!

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