Friday, January 1, 2010


Everyone is now in bed and the house is quiet. The current temperature is 1 degree. The temperature is supposed to drop to -4 tonight with about a -20 wind chill. Can I say it?  . . .

Baby It IS COLD Outside!

I am so thankful that we have a warm home AND a generator in case the electricity goes out. There have been many times the thermostat began dropping in out home due to winter storms or the bitter cold has caused problems.

We plan on staying inside tomorrow and not traveling around. It is simply too cold. I guess we will have to find things to keep the kids busy.

School begins on Monday. It seems as if the kids have been out of school for  a very long time - it doesn't seem possible that it was only two weeks ago they got out for Christmas vacation. I am a little concerned with school starting and it being so very cold. The temperature highs in the forecast are running between 13 and 19 degrees. Between the cold and the ice, it will be brutal.

Stay Safe and Stay Warm

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tonya said...

GRACIOUS!! Just reading this post made me shiver...I'm not kidding!!

Hope you've got on your long johns!!! :o)

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