Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday and Katelyn trivia

This morning as I write Walter is vacuuming the main floor and the boys are doing chores. Randy is trying to relax and build with Legos - they take a great deal of concentration. He is building one of the Star Wars space craft . . . 5,196 pieces. Katelyn is having breakfast and reading.

Last evening we (Kate and I) cleaned Bugsy's cage for the first major clean. He is so funny and makes cute little sounds. Mia loves him and gives him kisses then she rolls to her side and waits for him to cuddle. Emma is doing better with him and actually kissed him today. Although when we put him on the floor we have to hold on to her because she wants to lunge at him. Kamie just watches him and is content with that.

Mr. Sun has decided to shine today and it is wonderful to see him again. We can definitely use a little of his heat as it is only 19 degrees.

Katelyn wants to go out driving today, so we will get out and about to do that. She turns 17 on Thursday this week so we will be celebrating with her. It is so hard to imagine I gave birth to her 17 years ago - where has the time gone? Wasn't it just yesterday that she was snuggled in a blanket and looked like a porcelain baby doll? Or maybe it was just yesterday when she would sit on top of our maual push sweeper and take a ride when either Grandma or myself would push it - remember grandma? Katelyn had a bunny rabbit named Thumper when she was five . . . she used to take it for a walk on a leash with collar. Then there was those ballerina days - she wanted to be a ballerina and would twirl and dance around. She loved Beanie Babies and had to have each one as they were released. I cried when she began Kindergarten although she was so very excited to go to school. I could go on and on in story form, but instead I am going to list 17 things about Katelyn you may or may not know.

  1. our miracle from God
  2. was premature - 6 weeks early
  3. is allergic to bananas
  4. learned to use the computer when she was two years old
  5. accept Jesus into her heart when she was almost 3 in the Wal-Mart parking lot
  6. ran into telephone poles while riding her bicycle when she was 7 or 8
  7. loves animals like her momma does
  8. plays the piano and flute
  9. was an only child until she was nine
  10. has never met a stranger
  11. giggles . . . a lot
  12. loves to read and read and read and read and read
  13. loves to cook and is becoming quite good at it
  14. has a servants heart
  15. has a tremendous drawing talent and uses it to glorify God
  16. is anxious to get her driver's license - me, not so much
  17. is a daughter that I am so very proud of . . . she takes my breath away
Now, onto my day . . .


Marva said...

Happy birthday Katelyn! Hope ya'll have a great -warm- weekend!!! Blessings!!!

Jeanette said...

We love our Katie Bear too! I can't believe she has a birthday this week. I need ideas unless she wants a jar of chocolate covered oreos.....

Happy Birthday Katie Bear!!

12-arrows said...

Oh I just loved your words about Katelyn! They were beautiful! aren't they just precious?

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a great list. Do you mind if I use this idea when my children have a birthday?

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