Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family . . .

Meet Bugsy!

Bugsy is a sweet little guinea pig that we adopted today. Ryan has been wanting a hamster for some time now, but I was just afraid of it biting him as hamsters can be quite naughty. So, today after my nail appointment, Cody and I popped over to our local owned pet shop and looked around. We saw snakes, lizards, iguana, fish, birds, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs - three of them. These guinea pigs were born in the area and raised in a home environment until they were ready to be sold to a family.  The pet shop girl went to catch this little guy for me to see and he scurried around the cage. She finally caught him and he squeeled and squeeled. I held him and he settled right down. He and his sister look alike although Bugsy has more white. I chose him because there was zero chance of him being with piggies. Cody was so excited! We purchased all of the necessities for Bugsy and headed home. Cody helped me to set up the cage and get our new little pig into his cage. He headed straight for his little "man cave" that resembles a log cabin. It wasn't long before the boys were home from school and boy were they surprised. It wasn't 30 seconds and they had him named - Bugsy. Randy came in the door and was also surprised . . . he also surprised me - he was excited about Bugsy - no he didn't know I was getting him, so he was surprised too. He held Bugsy and rubbed him then we taught each of the boys how to hold him - poor little Bugsy! Then it was the dogs turn - they were extremely interested in this new little creature. Kamie began licking him and Mia sniffed and sniffed him. Emma was a bit stressed at the sight of Bugsy and wouldn't initially come near him. Here are a few more pictures:


I forgot to mention Katelyn's response. When she got home she said, I hear you picked up a little something today. I smiled and told her that yes indeed I did. She looked at him and laughed - then I handed him to her. He snuggled up next to her neck and she was hooked!


Marva said...

Oh, Bugsy is so cute! Congrats on your new addition! Blessings!!!

Jeanette said...

You are NUTS! He is cute though :} That is one little guy I wouldn't mind holding....as long as he doesn't lick me!!

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