Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Answers . . .

1. You are pulled over by the Police . . . you know you were speeding. What would you do? Do you cry to try and get out of a ticket? Do you make up an excuse? Do you fake an emergency? Do you just own up to the officer that you were speeding and deserve the ticket?

First I believe I would remain calm. If I was daydreaming, I would tell the officer that is what happened. If I was speeding because I was in a hurry, I would tell him that. I will tell him that I deserved the ticket and just accpet it . . . I always tell my kids that if you choose to do something wrong, you have to face the consequences. What kind of example would I be if I lied?

2. If you go to a yard/garage sale and find an item that is quite valuable, do you let the seller know? or do you buy it up and then resale it to make a huge profit?

I don't go to garage sales, but if I did and found something I knew to be very valuable, I wouldn't feel right in purchasing the item. I would take the item to the "owner" and let them know the value of the item.

3. You have just returned home from a day out of shopping and you look at your sales receipt and notice the Sales Clerk rang your items up at Sale Price but the items weren't on sale. Do you go back to the store and let them know? Do you call them? Do you go back to make things right?

I would call them to see what they advise me to do.

4. You are in the drive thru - any driver thru - and you received your bags of food. You look into the bag to find that they have given you an extra sandwich . . . what do you do?

I generally look through my bags before driving away. If I had an extra sandwich, I would hand the bag back to them and have them check it out.

5. You and your kids just got out of Walmart and unloaded your bags into the car. You lift your child out of the cart to find a few items that you didn't pay for because your child was sitting on it and you didn't realize they were there. What do you do?

This has happened to me before and I loaded all of my bags into my car, then turned my cart around and went right back into the cashier to let her/him know what happened.

6. If someone is telling an offensive joke, do you go along with it? Do you speak up?

Not always. If my children were present, I would probably say something or just turn and walk away with them. If it happened while visiting someone, I would ask that the offensive jokes stop.

7. Is it ever acceptable to sneak a peek at your teen's emails?

I have never done this, but that doesn't mean that I would never do it. Having an email is a privilege and responsibility. Katelyn knows that I will check up on her and her emails if I feel the need. As a parent I think it is my responsibility to know what is going on.

8. Your dearest and oldest friend asks you for money . . . do you feel obligated to lend it to her/him?

Through trial and error, I have learned this one the hard way. I may feel sad that I cannot help them, I could not lend them money . . . money generally ends friendships.

9. Would you lie for your boss?

I don't have a boss. If I did, I would hope that he/she would never put me into a situation in which I would be asked to lie as that would make me very uncomfortable.

10. Your husband has invited guests over for dinner and you haven't a clue what to cook. You decide to order from a local eatery and then plate it for each guest like you cooked it yourself. Do you take credit for the meal? Do you tell them where it came from?


Tomorrow, I will answer each question as to what I would do. How about you, what would you do? Are you brave enough to answer honestly what you would do?

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