Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today I worked on laundry all day. Many of you know that I have two washers and two dryers - they were all running all day without any break.

In my previous post I described my horror to find one of the boys had a pullup in their sleeping bag that exploded all over my washer and clothes. Well, three loads later - an empty washer load to rinse and spin, then the sheets, then the sleeping bag . . . it was finally done and cleaned up.

I happily went on my merry laundry was and was certain I was going to be finished with laundry by around five or six o'clock. Well, that is not the case . . . it is now 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday morning. I have two loads drying. What happened? Thanks for asking . . .

I had just thrown in the last two loads of wash . . . or at least I thought they were the last loads, when Katelyn asked me if I wanted her laundry. WHAT???? You must be teasing me, right? Nope she wasn't I had towels, darks and lights. Then, to add to that . . . Ryan had clothes in his room that were dirty. Now, when I looked into his room this morning I was pleased to see a nice and tidy room - no clothes were in sight. THEN, Randy had more of his clothes . . . from where? I have no idea. Of course, then there were the clothes that each of the kids and hubby were wearing today. Yes, several more loads were in store for me . . . loads that could have been combined earlier in the day.

The good news  . . . in the morning, I will be able to fluff up my two loads - one is towels and one is white clothes - and then I will fold them up, put them into the baskets of each owner (yes, each person in our home has their own laundry basket) and they can get them put away.

Mom, technically you WON! I didn't get the laundry all finished before the day was over. But I do think you would be absolutely pleased to see that I have no laundry in my laundry room that requires washing. Laundry is all caught up! I did not have time to take pictures yet, because I still have those two loads drying in the dryers.

What about you, is the laundry sneaking up. BE CAREFUL, IT HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN!


Jenny said...

I always think I am done and then some more shows up out of nowhere.

Jeanette said...

Yes! I finished mine this evening about 6pm and I started it yesterday afternoon. Long day!!

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