Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A Good Wednesday Morning to each of you! I hope this post finds you warm and well.

The temperature this morning is NEGATIVE three once again . . . I think I am seeing a trend! We have been in the negative temperatures for quite a few days now. Around sunset tonight, the winter storm is to arrive and I have seen estimates of 4 - 9" of snowfall expected. We already have about six inches of snow on the ground that has been there since the last snow that began on Christmas. The temps are to be in the negative double digits with gusty winds and blowing snow.

The house is quiet this morning . . . Cody is busy playing quietly with the Rokenbok RC set. The dogs are all sleeping, but will be  leaving soon for their day of beauty. JC will stay with Cody and I . . . I have to admit, I hardly know she is here, she is so good.

Yesterday Mia, JC, Cody and I went to my Sister's again to be with her girls until she got home. We had a great time once again. We had Lucy howling with us. Mia and Lucy began playing together and JC watched. I really enjoyed our time together.

I cancelled my nail appointment today. I had a 2:00 scheduled, but don't feel up to going. I have the Wednesday morning blahs I guess. I took some of the Boericke & Tafel Cough and Bronchial Syrup Night time last night and don't hardly even remember laying down in bed. I woke once to use the potty, but other than that - the best nights sleep in over a week and I didn't hack all night! Of course, since I didn't cough through the night, I had to get it all  out this morning. I then took the Daytime Boericke & Tafel Cough and Bronchial Syrup . . . it is breaking up all of that nasty mucus. I really think it works better than Mucinex. I highly recommend it and there is even a children's formula. It is all natural and homeopathic.

Cody announced to me upon waking this morning . . . I think we need to go back to bed after we take the boys to school. I must say, that sounds really good to me!

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Elizabeth said...

I hope the rest of your day went just as well! :)

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