Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The day is ending once again, where do those minutes of each day go?

Today was hair appointment day . . . everyone had their hair cut. Of course, I had my gray erased away and feel like a person again. The boys all look like boys again - I was teasing them by telling them that their hair was getting long enough for barrettes. Of course, they highly objected to the thought of anything girlie.

I spoke with the school secretary today about the bully that Ryan has been dealing with. Ryan didn't want to go to school today and that isn't like him at all. I let Mrs. H know what has been happening, the repsonse by the teacher and the fact that she didn't believe Ryan and was going to sit him at a table away from all of the other children. To say this Momma's feathers were ruffled a bit was an under-statement. Ryan came home in a much better mood and said he had a good day. The teacher did move the "bully" and Ryan was able to sit next to a nice boy. The "bully" told Ryan he was glad he didn't have to sit by him anymore because he didn't like him. I encouraged Ryan to dismiss anything that this little boy had to say and try not to let what he says bother him. I am fully ready to have a conference with the teacher if need be.

This evening we had Arby's Roast beef for dinner - they had them on sale. After dinner, we watched a little of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe about growing and raising grasshoppers. It was quite interesting. After the portion of the show with the grasshoppers, I went downstairs and walked about 25 minutes on the treadmill. I had my ipod playing the music I played when I took walks on Sanibel Island a few years ago. I closed my eyes as I walked and imagined myself back on the beautiful beach and just walking . . . enjoying the shells, ocean life and people. I was really enjoying my "walk on Sanibel" when it was abruptly interrupted by three dogs and three little boys. Needless to say, the enjoying walk I had ended and I was trying to referree while walking - not nearly as relaxing.

Once my walk ended, Kate and I played Deal or No Deal on the Wii - I lost and then a cooking game on Wii of which I also lost - 3 times. It is hard to get the hang of those silly little hand held thingies. Cody kept telling me that Katelyn was doing better than I was. Then when my eggs were burning, he announced that loudly too. The game was a little stressful - I must find time to practice so I can beat Katelyn at least once.

Laundry is officially caught up and I only have two small loads for in the morning. I washed four small loads today and feel very accomplished that the laundry is not taking over any longer. Tomorrow I will be stripping our bed and wash the sheets and blanket. Then I will move on to tidy up and clean the two 1/2 baths on the main floor. I also told Cody I would take him to the basement family room to play Diego on the Wii - he is very excited about that.

The hour is late and I want to get to bed soon. Good night all.

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Kelli said...

I hate bullying and that breaks my heart for Ryan. AND for his teacher not to believe him...crazy. Glad to hear you are caught up on laundry.

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