Monday, January 18, 2010


I am happily doing laundry today . . . I have a goal - get all of my laundry done AND send my Mom a picture of an empty laundry hamper, washer and dryer, all with a time stamp - if I can figure out how to do that on my camera. Laundry is always at my house, it never ever leaves . . . there is always laundry to do, it is never done - at least never all at once!

I began my day happily and threw in two loads of laundry - one in each washer. I worked in the kitchen until the buzzers sounded and then went to change the laundry out and start more. I emptied one washer, threw the clothes in a dryer and then re-loaded the washer with the next load. So far so good. Open washer number two - I was mortified. I had a sleeping bag and sheets in the washer and with the sheets and sleeping bag apparently was a pull-up. The pull-up was definitely ultra absorbant from all of the gel goo that was all over my washer, sheets and sleeping bag. Ah Nuts! I had to pull out the sleeping back and sheets to clean out the washer - I literally had to vacuum out the mess. I then ran the washer through a rinse and spin cycle. Once it was done, I reloaded the washer and ran the wash again with an extra rinse. Finally, that load is finished and in the dryer. I am a bit off of my schedule now, but still have the goal of all of the laundry done. The child, which will remain nameless, will receive a talk about not storing used pull ups in his sleeping bag. Two of my boys tend to not wake to go to the bathroom in the night - so, to save all of the clean up, they wear pull ups. Cody still wears diapers to bed.

I had a lovely visit with my sister Jeanette and her two girls. I was excited to visit with them and we had a lot of fun. I also got to see her new car and play with the buttons and stuff . . . I felt like Buddy the Elf touching all of the buttons and messing. I thought Gabrielle was going to wet her pants she was laughing so hard. Thanks Jeanette for not yelling at me for messing with all of the functions of the car. ;-) I love you!!!

I am getting quite a bit done today and will finish up the kitchen before the kids get home from school. I still need to steam the floors - I love that job! I love nice clean floors!!! Especially barefoot!

Randy surprised me with a salad from Avantis for lunch. Yummy! I do think though that I need to go into the kitchen there to show them how to tear/cut up lettuce for salads. I really don't like having my lettuce in one big chunk!

Well, better get back to it . . .

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Mimi said...

LOL! I've had a pull up in the laundry before. Fun times!

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