Friday, January 15, 2010


It is Friday Night and our house is TOO LOUD AND I CAN''T HEAR MYSELF THINK. Is it bedtime yet? Everyone seems to be quite wound up . . . I guess it is because it is the weekend.

Sis is on a sleepover at one of her friends house and is going sledding tomorrow. She is bound to have a ton of fun!!! I am thrilled that she has such great friends.

That leaves Randy and I with the boys . . . Randy is putting together RyRy's Lego Table - which came with a crack in the top. I sent an email off to the company I ordered it from and we will see what they want to do about it. All of the pieces came seperately so it shouldn't be no big deal for them to replace it with another and I cannot imagine them wanting it back as the shipping would not be cheap.

The boys are supposed to be upstairs reading books, but the sound level tells me this is not the case . . .

Yesterday I went into the office to do a bit of work on a new product label layout . . . I was a little rusty at laying out the new label for the printer, but did get the job accomplished. It was nice, but weird to be in the office since I have worked from home for a few years now.

The kids had a pretty good week at school - which I was thankful for. There is one little boy in RyRy's class that is causing him some problems by saying not nice things to him. I would really like to get ahold of this little boy by the ear and set him straight about naughty and nice. I try to encourage Ryan of how to handle people like this kid, but it doesn't make things easier for him.

EJ has begun bringing reading homework home from school each night . . . he has a little bookmark that he is supposed to have signed by a parent that he has read his book aloud. He came up to Randy and asked him to sign his bookmark for his reading homework last night . . . Randy asked him if he read the book . . . yes was the answer. Randy asked him what the book was about . . . EJ's face was blank and he told Randy that he didn't remember. Randy asked him how many pages he read aloud and to whom . . . again a blank face. Randy said, "EJ you didn't do your homework and read this book." To which EJ replied, "Yes I did." Randy asked - "When?" EJ replied, "the first night of homework - (Tuesday night) and  apparently EJ didn't get the memo that homework was to be done each and every time the teacher sends it home with you.  He did get his homework reading done and Daddy did sign the bookmark.


Mimi said...

EJ is such a cutie! I hope that you have a great weekend. My kids came home all wound up, too. It's a long weekend, so it will be even more fun!

Jeanette said...

Quiet at our house today with 2 out of 3 gone! We'll take Kate if you need to get rid of her :} As for the boys....I'm thinkin' chores?! Or maybe a movie to calm them down?

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