Monday, January 4, 2010


WOO HOO . . . Do you hear it? The house is quiet - well, except for mr. 3 year old. Even the dogs are quiet.

Most of my list is complete - with the exception of the laundry as it takes longer than a few minutes to do.

I even sneaked in five minutes on the treadmill before I started coughing my head off. I also started the dogs on a few minutes of the treadmill. Emma objected strongly and refused to walk - she even revolted by throwing up a little. Little does she know, she is going to have another go at it tomorrow.

Kamie was a little skiddish about walking on the treadmill at first but within a minute she was walking like she was a pro.

Little Mia fought me a little bit, but soon caught on without me even holding the leash.

Cody also decided it was time to walk on the treadmill too . . .

Here are some photos:




There was only one more furry baby in my house today - I am watching Mom & Dad's dog JC during the day. I know you are wondering, did JC try the treadmill too? Well, I have to tell you . . . Cody, Kamie, Emma, Mia and I were going up the stairs when JC peeked around the opening of the door and looked at us as we were walking up. Cody said, "JC didn't get a turn!" I told him that maybe we would give her a turn tomorrow and that she wasn't too enthused about coming to the basement for a walk.

What do you think?

You have heard of the "Life of Riley" right? Well . . .  I think that title suits her to the T!

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tonya said...

I saw that your title was an ugly word & I had to check this post out!! Glad to see that nobody was doing any horribly strenuous Exer-you-know-what! Ha!! My 2-year old walked on the treadmill this morning, too. I laid in bed & watched him. I'm well on my way to losing weight this year, huh?

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