Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I feel like I am getting ready for a blizzard. I have been busy, busy today. I guess I am getting ready for a blizzard. The weather guys have predicted between 1 and 7 inches for our area. I know that in some areas of the world those numbers would appear as a mere dusting, but here it is a major deal. The weather guys are also predicting extreme cold with MINUS 8 degree windchills. Brrrrrrr Give me the snow, but we really don't need that kind of cold. Really, we don't!

As I said, I feel like I am getting ready for a blizzard. Today I baked several batches of chocolate chip cookies AND made a large crock pot full of vegetable beef soup. The house smells divine!

My to do list today was large . . . I had several orders to place online - I do 90% of my shopping online which saves on my patience and nerves. I loathe shopping in stores as there are so many people, attitudes, bad moods, screaming kids and nasty germs. I know, I know I sound a bit over board, but over the years I have learned what makes things go much more smoothly for me. Besides, if I want to hear screaming kids, I can get that at home on any given day. Ha ha!

My kids will be home in less than an hour, so I need to finish up around here.

Have a great snuggly safe evening.


TJ said...

Oh I'm headed to your house for dinner! Sounds divine.

It seems like everyone is getting snow but us. Instead we are sitting in below freezing temps and there is no end in sight. It was 0 degrees this morning, and wind chill made it colder.

We did quite a bit of "ship to store" shopping. That way we could decide and pay online, but not have to worry about shipping costs.

Have a wonderful day, and stay warm!

ParkerMama said...

Oh, the dinner menu sounds delish! We've got the cold temps here....but just the dusting of snow. Although my parents who live about an hour away got TWO FEET dumped on them.

whoa! lol!

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