Thursday, December 31, 2009


I think I must have missed part of 2009 . . . it is so hard to believe that today is the last day of the year. Did everyone's 2009 go by as fast as ours did?

Here is a small sampling of our lives for each month of the year:

  • I received a "Betty Pick Up" bell from my Mom for my new kitchen
  • Aunt Barb was struggling with her health
  • we were still under house renovation
  • my niece Gabrielle had a birthday
  • Katelyn turned 16
  • the movie Fireproof was released and a hit
  • my oven was repaired - actually it was two wires that were crossed thanks to the electrician
  • we had our first homemade Ole Breakfast Casserole and it was a hit - thanks Marva for the recipe
  • I took the kids roller skating - it didn't go well though
  • Cody turned 3
  • we moved back in to the Master bedroom - although it was not yet complete
  • Katelyn began driving
  • we were awaiting the news of the birth of our niece
  • we had a lovely Easter
  • our master bath was finally in service
  • April 26, our niece Anna was born
  • Ryan gave me a baby turtle for Mother's Day
  • EJ turned 5
  • Cameron turned 6
  • my niece Kendra had a birthday
  • landscaping began
  • the boys went to see a Nascar and sat inside the car
  • My sister had a birthday
  • the Illinois Foster Care system was in trouble for lack of funding
  • my kids were bartering to be obedient . . . IF
  • my 35 birthday . . . again
  • Randy treated the boys to Hogan's Heroes Chicken Style - in other words Chicken run
  • my sister Janeie and her family added a new baby to their family - Lucy the dog
  • swimming was almost on a daily schedule at my house
  • my twin nieces, Alyson and Jenna had a birthday

  • My Dad's Birthday
  • our drive was laid
  • the landscaping done and beautiful
  • school resumed and I did a happy dance
  • Ryan turned 7
  • my parents had an open roof installed - not really, but they did have a huge hole in their roof
  • we have been married for 27  years
  • a stranger called me grandma to my kids - not a happy moment for me
  • our local Holiday Express burned
  • Ebay was the name of the game at my house
  • H1N1 was at epidemic levels in our area
  • a nurse at the doctors office called Randy "grandpa" he was not amused
  • the geese were stalking our yard
  • Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving costumes
  • family time
  • we began supporting five children from El Salvador
  • Katelyn was in the ER several times for nose bleeds
  • Randy's 51 birthday
  • Mom's 66 birthday
  • kids out of school for Christmas vacation
  • Christmas
  • Great family time
  • saw the chipmunks movie
  • snow, snow, snow at our house
  • our house is still not finished in the renovation area - little things have been left undone
As 2009 concludes, we have much to be thankful for . . .


Kelli said...

What a great year. Now I have that song in my head..."You say goodbye and I say hello...hello, hello."

Mimi said...

Happy New Year Julie!
I can remember reading most of the things you listed each month on your blog.
I hope that this year brings your family health and happiness!

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