Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Can you believe we are already at the middle of the week? Where do the days go?

My two past days have been filled with laundry and gift wrapping. The gifts are under and around our Christmas Tree. So far So Good - No Peekers Yet! Not even the dogs have tried to sneak a present yet!

The dishwashers are running, the laundry continues to hum along and I have a few baskets of clothes to fold yet tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finish up the laundry.

The kids only have two full days and one 1/2 day left of school before Christmas Vacation. Not too sure I am ready for that! Please keep us in your prayers! Five kids home for two weeks and being stuck in the house can get VERY irritable with one another. Prayerfully they will find the joy in loving one another instead.

It is just about time for the kids to head for bed, so I should close.

What are your plans for tomorrow?


Marva said...

Hi Julie! What a b usy girl you've been. I have been wrapping and doing laundry too...I am not done though.

Tomorrow I will be running errands visiting my uncle at the hospital, having lunch with friends (an older couple) and buying groceries. I had rather stay home.

Have a great day tomorrow! Blessings!!

Kelli said...

The time is flying by. I have errands to run for prizes for Jamison's winter party, supplies for gifts I'm making and to get a top for Jamison chorus performance. Whew!

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