Thursday, December 31, 2009


The YEAR 2009 is hours away from being a memory . . .

There were ups and downs in 2009 and many, many changes in everyone's lives. One little boy in our area Dax Loche, age 2 made news throughout the Country . . . People from all around the World sent Dax photos, videos and more showing him their Christmas lights. Dax was in the hospital with a deadly leukemia, so before Halloween, people from around the globe tried to help give Dax a little Christmas early. Well, little Dax lived . . . way past what the doctors thought he would. Little Dax was called into the arms of Jesus yesterday morning at 2:15 a.m. Please remember his Mom and Dad . . . their empty arms. Services will be on Sunday.

Praises . . . Sarah and her family from Lifeintheparsonage are expecting a baby . . . their fourth. During a routine dr. visit last week, a cyst was found on the baby's brain. This morning Sarah and her hubs went to a specialist for more in depth testing. Praise God . . . the cyst on their baby's brain was gone.

The last day of 2009 has been a bit challenging in our home today. Daddy is a bit grumpy, the kids are not listening and arguing with one another and I have a nasty cold that has progressed into a cough and headache. The lighter side of the day . . . I took a nap, made BBQ meatballs in the crockpot for dinner along with apple slices, carrots and dip, french fries, rolls with butter. The meal was easy and a success. The meatballs were a hit!

The recipe - oh dear, I am almost embarrassed to tell you because it is so incredibly easy . . . Ingredients: Schwans Italian Meatballs, Baby Ray BBQ sauce. First I warmed the frozen meatballs in microwave and then added them to the crockpot to simmer a while. Once they are hot, pour in the BBQ sauce and let simmer about 1/2 hour. Yum Yum!

Will we stay up to ring in the New Year? I really don't know. Simply depends on how everyone is getting along AND how I feel. I love going outside at the stroke of mid night and yell Happy New Year! This year we have plenty of snow out there to make everything a bit more festive!

New Year Resolutions? I don't have any . . . do you? I have thought about making a few resolutions, but have found that if I plan something . . . it never turns out, something either comes up or happens to make the plans fall apart. I am a bit cautious of making those resolutions although, I did come upon some really good ones that I just might give a try.

Tyler over at: ET at Titus2345 - go to her blog to see what she wrote . . . you can also use the list below or make your own . . .

January: Ask the Lord to speak to you in an area you are lax.

February: Ask God to reveal His agenda for your daily schedule.

March: Chose a personal Bible Study and be determined to take time in it each and every day.

April: Have God remind you of something you easily forget.

May: Be a blessing to someone - annonymously.

June: Be an encouragement to someone.
July: Enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

August: Adopt a family to pray for each and every day.

September: Submit an area of your life to God that you struggle with.

October: Ask God to show you areas you need to work on.

November: Spend the month giving THANKS

December: Teach your children the joy of giving unselfishly to others.

Once you get your list together, put it on your calendar - for the entire month and be sure to put it where you will be reminded of it each morning.

Many Blessing to You and Yours and Have a Happy, Safe and Blessed New Year!


Marvin said...

Hi Julie,

So did you make it to midnight?

I love what you did with the Italian Meatballs. Thanks for letting Schwan's be part of your New Year's Eve celebration. Stop by our Facebook and Twitter pages to share your ideas and yes, engage in some adult conversation!

And have a truly beautiful New Year!

Happy Eating,

Jeanette said...

I just throw my meatballs in the crockpot and let them cook a few hours - throw in the Famous Dave's bbq sauce and eat them up when they are warm. YUMMO!

We stayed up until after 3am and I remember seeing 4am on the clock before my eyes closed - had a house full of kids so it was fun but cleaning up the mess....not so much!

Love you!

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