Saturday, December 19, 2009


I saw this idea over at The Living Proof blog posted by Amanda tonight. Thanks Amanda for a great idea! I love new ideas, don't you?

Now for my top 10 for the week . . . I know you are all sitting on pins and needles aren't you? (these are in no particular order)

  1. According to my 16 year old daugher I made the best Chili ever this week! I am so excited about hearing this . . . too bad I made a smaller than normal amount - isn't that how it goes?
  2. My kids sat through a new movie I purchased and we (hubs and I) enjoyed the giggles and otherwise quiet house for a little more than an hour.
  3. I was tickled to have gifts for the boys to take as their gift to exchange with another boy in their class already purchased.
  4. My Mom received her Jitterbug telephone and was so cute with it! I love that she has learned to text and that she and K text back and forth!
  5. Hubs and I are excited that we have a date set up for tomorrow evening. Mom and Dad are going to watch the boys for us.
  6. Gifts are wrapped and under surrounding the tree. It is adorable to watch the kids try to figure out whose is whose since the gift tags are on the bottom of each gift.
  7. Beth Moore's Bible Study on Revelation was delivered yesterday. I love listening to Beth Moore . . . she has such an amazing way of bringing out the Scriptures!
  8. My heart was blessed when my seven year old wanted to take a gift for his teacher's birthday. He went into the pantry and came out with two unpopped packages of popcorn and put them into a letter envelope to give to her. His heart is so tender and loving . . . (when he wants to be.)
  9. We received a Christmas Card from our neighbor . . . inside the card he thanked us for being "Wonderful" neighbors. We were really touched by this card!
  10. My youngest, who is usually a Daddy's boy wanted to be with Me instead of Daddy! Yes . . . I am smiling inside and out!
There you have it . . . my TOP TEN FOR THE WEEK. How about you? What is your TOP TEN for the week?

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