Thursday, December 10, 2009


I can truthfully say, I am almost finished with Christmas shopping! I have three more people to buy for and then all that is left is the wrapping. I am so very excited to get everything all wrapped up and then simply enjoy the days until Christmas.

The next week has a few things to keep us busy . . . the school Christmas Program, a dental appointment and then the school Christmas parties. The gift exchange for the kids will be at their Christmas party and I am happy to report those are purchased as well. We also send in little bags of treats for each of my children's classes. We will all sit around the table and stuff little treat bags a few nights before the parties. It is a fun time and the kids get all excited.

I can't wait to get the kids in their new duds for the Christmas Program at school . . . black dress pants, white dress shirt with collar, gorgeous sweater vests and . . . BOW TIES! They are going to be so handsome! Little guy has an identical outfit to match the boys . . . even though he doesn't go  to school yet. Sis will be wearing a new skirt and blouse . . . she always looks so pretty! I want to try and get them all five together PRIOR to the program to take a few formal photos.

Well, that blizzard missed us all but a dusting. The frigid cold has been with us for the past two days. Right now it is a balmy 18 degrees.

Well, it is late and my feet are cold . . . it is time to go upstairs and snuggle up in bed with my hubs, little guy and the heating blanket! Good night all!

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