Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Busy on Christmas Eve's Eve

The official Christmas is in two days, so get it in gear and get finished day has arrived. We have much to do and I am certain it will get done.

This morning the laundry is running at full speed and the boys are to be cleaning up their rooms. Being boys, they aren't the best at keeping their toys put away and their rooms tidy. Then a quick vacuum and mop upstairs. The main floor isn't too bad . . . a good tidy up and a mop - Walter has ran already this morning - and the main floor will be good to go.

This afternoon I have a nail appointment and then we will be off to get those last minute grocery items. Potato Salad will be made tonight so we can take it to lunch tomorrow at my sister's house. 

Christmas Day we are spending at home. The smells from the kitchen will make memories as will the laid back, no plans day. The kids just spending time enjoying Christmas with hubs and I looking on and taking photos of the day.

We are praying for snow, snow, snow . . . not looking too promising!

Have a great day in whatever you do!


Mimi said...

Merry Christmas!

TJ said...

Merry Christmas! No snow here either, just fog.

Jeanette said...

Had a ball today! We are all exhausted - how are the boys? Merry Christmas darling!

jennifer said...

That sounds a lot like my Christmas Eve Eve. I have been so busy! Even though it was wonderful, I'm glad to get a break from Christmas. I wonder just how early you have to start preparing to not feel so rushed?

I hope that yours was wonderful.

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