Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am so excited! A few weeks ago, I ordered a treadmill . . . a very automatic treadmill. It arrived on Tuesday and we put it together today. We had a bit of help getting it to the basement and then it wouldn't fit through the basement door. Bummer . . . so, dear hubs and I disassembled what Sis and I had assembled this morning. We finally got it through the door and put back together. We swept and mopped the area that was to be its home. We gently moved it in to place. I am so excited . . . Here is a a few pictures from the website . . .

The treadmill is a Sole F83 and is programable. It features speakers for the ipod, automatic workouts, and then programmable programs, incline and personalized workouts. I love that I can put one hand on each of the silver handles and get a pulse rate and the readout will tell me calories burned, time walked/run, heartrate, distance walked . . . etc.

Tonight I walked on it for almost ten minutes and got my pulse rate up to between 75 and 80% according to the read outs. Sis had her ipod plugged into it and I walked to Christmas music. The time simply flew by - I was really suprised!

I am so excited to be able to walk INSIDE away from the extremes of the weather - extreme hot or cold . . . and to be able to walk while my little guy plays is wonderful. Enjoying music or podcasts on my ipod is a plus as well. PLUS A LITTLE ME TIME - DID I SAY HOW WONDERFUL AND EXCITED I FEEL?


heartsfullofluv said...

=) Now, just close your eyes and pretend you are walking along the beach at Sanibel.

Elizabeth said...

That is one AWESOME looking treadmill!! I'm glad you're taking "me time" out to do something so wonderful for yourself :) And, the ipod speakers are a great addition! I love my ipod but the buds can be irritating.

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