Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It is that time of year again . . . it is the time to think about whether to send Christmas Cards or not. Is it just me, or do you struggle with this issue each and every year too?

How did the Tradition of sending Christmas Cards begin?

A form of Christmas card began in England first when young boys practiced their writing skills by creating Christmas greetings for their parents, but it is Sir Henry Cole who is credited with creating the first real Christmas card. The first director of London's Victoria and Albert Museum, Sir Henry found himself too busy in the Christmas season of 1843 to compose individual Christmas greetings for his friends.

He commissioned artist John Calcott Horsley for the illustration. The card featured three panels, with the center panel depicting a family enjoying Christmas festivities and the card was inscribed with the message "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You."

Apparently, things never change . . . everyone is ALWAYS too busy to do one thing or another.

Generally, I send out Christmas Cards with photos of my kids inside and occassionally have added a Christmas Letter to accompany the card. It takes a bit of time and energy, but I usually feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

There are ways to speed up the task of sending Christmas Cards . . . you can:
  1. send them by email
  2. print your greeting on the inside to labels and then affix them to the card
  3. have the cards and greeting all printed by a printing service - you can even include the photo in the printing
  4. write one Christmas letter and add a little clip art to make it your Christmas Greetings and do a mass mailing
So, what about you? Will you be sending Christmas Cards?

Me, still undecided.


Marva said...

We have always sent cards here, just something else I love about the season. Hope all is well and hugs!!!


ParkerMama said...

Parker has a surgery on the 17th of December and a ton of tests and procedures before. I've got to give up some things......and well, Christmas cards are one of those things I'm giving up.

I'd rather spend that time doing something with my kids that we all enjoy doing.

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