Friday, November 27, 2009

This and That

Today has been "one of thoe days." That said, first I want to say . . . I am truly Thankful for my children.

Our day began with early bird children, one of which was throwing up and had diarrhea. The good news is that he made it to the bathroom each time and has been fine since early morning.

Hubs and K began assembling the Christmas Tree . . . it is beautiful. The kids are excited because it is "TREE TIME" according to our 3 year old AND because Max has begun his visit. Max is our little Elf on the Shelf tradition that we began a few years ago.

Max begins his visit the day after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve night. Max moves around the house and is fun to find each morning. This morning he was in the kitchen hanging out on one of the cabinet knobs.

Today was a day of movies . . . we tried to have an easy day. The kids even were outside to play for a while, however the kids have a bit more energy and naughties than we have energy or patience. Tonight after Avantis dinner we will watch a Denise the Menace Christmas. K wants to watch the Abbott and Costello Christmas.

I was able to get in a snooze - I fell asleep during Star Trek. I guess I was tired . . . I finally went upstairs and slept in bed.

We didn't get any mail today  . . .  I kind of thought that was weird . . . no mail on Black Friday? hmmm

We didn't go out and join the masses shopping today. I think people are absolutely crazy! We did look online a little, but didn't find anything worth while.

Have a great evening . . . in whatever you do.


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Marva said...

Glad the sick one is better and hope it stays that way. I ama crazy then......was up at 3am to get ready for shopping. Got some great deals and almost all of the shopping done
(incluging Mother and Daddy's for them).

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Blessings!!!!!

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