Monday, November 30, 2009


M.O.M. - three little letters that mean so much.

Mom's are called different things around the United States:
  • ma
  • mom
  • momma
  • mommy
  • mother
  • mum
The Job Titles of Mom's are never ending:
  • parent
  • cuddler
  • snuggler
  • bather
  • nurse
  • pharmacist
  • teacher
  • entertainment director
  • disciplinarian
  • chef
  • chauffer
  • bus driver
  • event planner
  • manicurist
  • dental hygenist
  • secretary
  • maid
  • friend
  • field trip planner
  • birthday party coordinator
  • clothier
  • art teacher
  • phonics teacher
  • math teacher
  • science teacher
  • Bible verse teacher
  • story reader
  • referee
  • judge
  • advocate
  • bank
  • psychiatrist

This past holiday weekend, I had the opportunity to simply observe and think. How many times a day do my children yell M....O....M? How many times do I get frustrated at hearing it? How many times do I welcome it?

God has answered my prayers . . . the prayers I have said over and over for children. God Blessed me, giving me children . . . children that were in HIS ultimate plan just for me and my hubs. God knew there would be wonderful days and days that I could barely manage to get through. God is there to see us through.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is a time to reflect . . . a time to give thanks . . . a time to appreciate those God has surrounded you with.

I am a MOM . . . A MOM to FIVE Children . . . GOD GIVEN children of whom I am Blessed . . . and they call me MOM. Being a Mom is the hardest, but most rewarding thing I will ever do.


Marva said...

Amen! So well said Julie! How blessed we are! Hugs!!!

Isabel said...

How true! I have to add another occupation in the list: DJ. At this time of year the kids constantly ask for Christmas songs from 5 different CDs!

Marva said...

YES! Please send me an order! I am so up for it! Blessings and Thanks!

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