Saturday, November 7, 2009


Saturday morning activities have begun in our house . . . it actually started around 6:30 a.m. for the first little feet that hit the floor and daddy was nudged back into reality by our three year old. One by one the other kids began waking and soon the house was full of busyness.

I sit with my nice yummy cup of coffee, listening to all of the camaraderie in the house and smile. Life is great!

I checked Ebay this morning - several more auctions are ending and my sales so far have almost reach two thousand dollars. I am simply amazed that people actually want items that have been previously owned. I must say, I now have an addiction . . . it is Ebay listing and selling. I get so excited to see items bid on and then ship out! I know that I am getting more money out of them than I could with a garage sale, people are getting items for less cost than new and we are getting rid of items we have stored for a while that we will probably never use again.

Life in our house today will include cleaning the upstairs and laundry. Yes, laundry is pretty much a daily task. Hubs wants to wash and wax the cars . . . two suv's and an edge. I wish him all the best in that endeavor!!! Hey, Uncle S . . . what are you doing today? Too bad you are down south, we could really use your washing and waxing abilities!!! Sorry Ding Ding, we don't have a ton of laundry, but we could use your smiling face and chat!

The weather is to be beautiful today . . . it is already 62 degrees. I guess we are having an Indian Summer Day.

Better get to it around here! Have a great day!

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Kelli said...

Sounds like another productive day in your home. The weather here is beautiful and I love it. I have some windows open and I'm enjoying the sunshine.

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