Saturday, November 21, 2009


Katelyn had the packing removed from her nose yesterday about 3:45 p.m. We made sure she stayed quiet and rested last evening and today. She said she slept very well as she was very tired.

The day today has been one of sorting and tidying Cody's room. The boys were to get their rooms tidied up as well. While I was in Cody's room, Katelyn yelled up to me . . . her nose was bleeding again. Within five minutes we were out the door and off to the Emergency room again . . . the third time this week.

We arrived at the E.R. and they sent us right into the nurses check in room. Blood pressure, temperature and info was taken once again. More signatures . . . then to the ear nose throat room. The nurse was there immediately and began getting everything out for the doctor. He came in right after the nurse was done. He soaked some cotton with a medicine to both numb Katelyn's nose and to stop the bleeding and then left the room to wait for 15 minutes for the meds to take effect on her nose. The nurse came in to get a blood draw to check Katelyn's Hemoglobin count. The doc came back in to check Katelyn, the bleeding had stopped. He then got his nasal thingy to look up her nostril (the other doc had not done that) and he found the area that had been bleeding. Apparently Katelyn's nostril had gotten very dry - probably the weather changes, the furnace and fireplace contributed along with her allergy medications. The ER doc found the area in her nostril that had been bleeding . . . with the dryness, the nasal area erroded thus causing the bleeding. He immediately cauterized the area with two touches of the cauterizing stick - it was a little painful and caused Katelyn to jump. She immediately told him that he found the spot. We sat for a few minutes to make sure the bleeding had stopped and he put some vaseline soaked gauze up Katelyn's nostril to help moisturize it. We sat for about 10 minutes to make sure the bleeding didn't return. Then she was released to go home.

Monday I am to check in with Doc Tosi to let him know what is going on and to see if he wants to see her. No lifting or bending over for another 24 hours. Tomorrow we can remove the vaseline gauze around 3:00 p.m. They also sent more in case she needs it.

Her Hemoglobin count was good - up from Wednesday. The ER guy said she was in great health and her body was doing exactly what it was supposed to.

She is resting tonight and is much more comfortable than the first time from the ER.

Prayerfully, the cauterization has solved this problem.


Mimi said...

I hope that she won't have any more problems with nosebleeds.
My daughter had a lot of nosebleeds when she was younger, and we learned from the dr. to put a dab of vaseline in her nose when the heater is on. She never had another bleed.
Sending prayers for Katelyn.

ParkerMama said...

Glad you got everything solved.

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