Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It is so hard to believe another day is ending . . . tomorrow will be November 11, 2009. Mid November already . . . my kids are already counting down to Christmas! They continue to ask how many days until Christmas comes. Doesn't it seem like we just celebrated the New Year?

I have two costumes to get made for the Thanksgiving Feast at school. I am not revealing any information until the night before the feast - Next Wednesday Night. I will be making a trip to the local Hobby Lobby to get the final items to put the costumes together. I am excited to be able to make the boys costumes . . . one of the boys - our third son - decided he just wants to be an Indian like last year, so that is why I won't be making three.

My new treadmill arrived today . . . tomorrow we will be recruiting helpers to get it to the basement. It weighs over 300 lbs and is too heavy to move with just hubs and I.

Not much else going on in my area of the world. How about yours?

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