Saturday, October 10, 2009


How is the temperature where you live? We woke this morning to 38 degrees and tonight we have a freeze warning. Hmmm I guess I must have blinked and missed Fall . . . the leaves on our trees haven't even changed color yet!

The males in our house have been very noisy this morning . . . the females in our house are not happy that the males could not have been a little more polite while we tried to sleep in. What is with that?

We were to go to the orchard two days in a row but it rained. The skies are sunny today, but I feel lousy and don't want to go. Monday would be a better day and maybe I will be up to the journey, the drive and the kids.

I don't recall if I have mentioned this on this blog or not . . . for the past year and four months our home has undergone an addition plus remodel. We have lived here for 11 years and three of those years were spent planning the things we wanted to change in our home. The house is 99% complete~~~ some of the little things remain and are being completed slowly. Anyway, during the remodel we had to empty out almost every room in our home. We stored things until we could bring them back home and found that we had accumulated a lot of stuff. So, now we are in the purging stage . . . we are going through things tote by tote. I am deciding what stays and what goes. The goes items have been much more than the keep items ~~~ yippee! What have I been doing with it? I heard you ask and will be happy to tell you . . . Ebay! I have been listing items for about three weeks now . . . I started off small and am picking up speed. As of this moment I have 84 auctions running and several will end today. I will surpass the $500.00 mark today in sales. I will re-list the items that don't sell and list more. I figure at the rate I am going I should be able to get a 100 items listed each week until spring. We definitely accumulated a lot of "stuff" in 27 years of marriage! I get excited at each bid and look forward to what I can list next!

Now I can hear you asking . . . Why are you selling on Ebay? Why not a garage sale? The answer is simple - I CANNOT handle garage sales - they stress me out!!! Ebay I can do!

Why am I purging? Well, I want my home nice and clutter free . . . I want to know what I have and not have things stored up because I will use them "someday." If we haven't used the item in a year, chances are we won't use it. So . . . I am listing items on Ebay ~~~ and most of the time the item will bring more money on Ebay than a garage sale.

What am I purging? Well, so far I have gone through VHS videos, DVDs, Books, a few remaining baby things, and a few miscellaneous items. In the spring I am going to list a jogging stroller and a Bugaboo stroller because I should be able to get more money out of it then rather than in the fall. I will also be listing out grown children's clothing, outgrown toys, kitchen items, nick knacks . . . to make it simple just about anything that a family can collect in 27 years time. BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD!

What is your clutter level?

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Jeanette said...

I do have a junk drawer but I try to keep clutter to a minimum. We don't have as much storage room and that suits me just fine!

FYI, you can load books on Amazon and they don't charge you for the listing unless it sells. They stay listed for 60 days I think and end just like ebay - they tell you what hasn't sold. May save you some $$.

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