Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hey there all, I am just getting around to my general type post. I have been busy the past few days with laundry and Ebay Listing. As of five minutes ago I now have 98 active auctions/listings. Some are actual auctions and some are what they call Buy It Now, which is exactly what is says . . . no bidding, you simply Buy It.

I know some of you have some questions about Ebaying, so maybe I can answer them for you . . .

How do you know what to Ebay?
Actually, as long as the item is in good to excellent condition the item can be listed.

How do you know how to price an item?
I generally will take into account the condition of the item, plus the age, the purchase price and how quickly I want to sell it.

How do you get your money?
I accept only Paypal - basically a reputable company that works along side Ebay to collect Ebay transaction payments. Paypal has also expanded and now many online companies accept Paypal as well. I use Paypal quite often in my day to day life.

Why do I Ebay?
Most people that know me will tell you that I absolutely loathe having garage/rummage sales. Ebay is a much better solution for me. I list my item, include a picture and description of the item and click a button ~~~ my item is out there for all to see. Besides you can generally get much more out of an item than a garage sale will bring.

How do I have time?
Just like a job, Ebaying is something that you commit to ~~~ at least for a certain amount of time. I began listing items on Ebay about a month ago . . . I usually sell on Ebay during Fall and Winter. I commit so much time each day to list as much as I can. I quit when I have had enough.

Is it Profitable?
Well, I don't know if I can say it is profitable . . . but, I can say that I have listed a lot of item that we haven't used in a long time AND in the past four weeks have almost hit the $700.00 mark in sales. Stuff that was just gathering dust and would have rotted away before we decided to use it again.

What have I been listing?
  • vhs videos (yes - and they are selling)
  • baby items (not planning no more of those)
  • unused items (things that we thought we would use and we didn't)
  • children's clothing (outgrown clothing or maybe just that we have too many that have been handed down from one son to the next x4)
  • dvd videos (you know, the ones that were supposed to be really great and weren't)
  • gifts (unused or gently used)
  • books of all kinds
  • american girl items (yes, my little girl is letting loose of those now that she is 16)
  • miscellaneous items that my hubs brings me (you know those weird, what the heck is that item?)
  • winter coats, jackets and rain coats (either outgrown or too many of them)

Then there are the items I plan to list but have not:

  • Toys (those that children have outgrown or have no interest in)
  • kitchen items (I have so much to go through I don't know how long that will take)
  • decorating items (27 years worth)
  • Christmas decorating items (27 years worth)
  • music cds
  • tools

My Mom teases me . . . she said today, "The kids better watch out or you will sell the clothes off of their back!"

Yep, I guess I got the FEVER . . . THE EBAY FEVER

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Mimi said...

I wish I had your energy! I have a lot of items that need to go. Garage sales here are just pitiful, maybe I'll try ebay too. Do you have the post office pick up the boxes to ship at your house?

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