Thursday, October 8, 2009


O.k. I have to ask . . . Have any of you been out in public with your little kids and someone called you GRANDMA? As you probably are already thinking, that is what happened to me today.

Here is the story:

Originally, I was taking the kids . . . all five . . . to the apple orchard for a day of fun and lunch. Well, it rained cats and dogs today so we had to alter our plans. I took the kids to Bob Evans for lunch and then off to the theater to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Well, while I was paying for our lunch, the kids went to the bathroom with K (age 16.) They didn't take long and actually were back out before I had the payment taken care of. The gentleman behind me (which was between age 45 and 50) said, "hey boys . . . you should ask grandma for some candy." I immediately said, "Mom" to which he replied . . . "excuse me" again I said, "Mom . . . I am their Mom." The man immediately said, "Opened my mouth and inserted my foot." To which I added, Yes you did. Out the door we went. As life goes . . . his car was parked right next to ours. Now, I am not sure how he was able to check out so quickly, but he was right behind me. He said, "Fine looking boys you have there." I replied, "Thank you" and then he said . . . "they need to get some mowing jobs." My response was, "Well maybe When They Get Older." Finally, we were inside the car with the doors closed . . . no more comments from someone that wasn't trying to mess up my day, but somehow managed to bother me with just a few words . . . "hey boys . . . you should ask grandma for some candy."

In my defense, if I had my way about it, we would have had all of our children early in our marriage, BUT God had different plans for us. I was 29 when our daughter was born and she is now 16. I was 38 with our first son, now 7; 41 with our 2nd and 3rd sons, now 6 & 5 and 42 with our youngest, now 3. I must say, I wouldn't change my age or when my children entered our family . . . God has a plan and His plan is perfect.

All of that said, I don't think I look like a grandma, BUT technically at 45 I guess I could be regardless if I want to fess up to it or not. Then this tidbit . . . if I were a Grandma, that would make my Mom a Great Grandma and she is DEFINITELY NOT old enough for that! So I guess if Mom isn't old enough to be a great grandma then I am not old enough to be a grandma.

End of story.


Mimi said...

I wouldn't let it bother you a bit. I have mom friends that have young kids and they are in their late 50's. I would have probably laughed and said, "Oh right, are you paying for the candy Gramps?"
Some people are just so intrusive. What ever happened to manners?
Julie, just think about how many celebrities have babies in their 40's and 50's. Times have changed!

12-arrows said...

Oh that kind of comment cuts deep! I was a grandma at the age of 45 and also pregnant with our 11 child too. It was alot for me to take in at the same time. I hated the term "grandma" as it meant Old very old! I wanted to called something else but my married children, having so many parents/grandparents everything seemed to be taken so I got stuck with grandma! I told my other sons that when their kids are born I will be Nana and their dad will be Papa! Not sure if it will ever stick with our oldest son and his wife but..........they aren't the unlucky recepients of that name! LOL I was out once with my grandson and my son who are 18 months apart, and someone asked me if they were both mine and another asked me if they were both my grandkids......I understand your anger and your pain! people need to just "be silent" make a pleasant comment like cute family and leave it at that!!!!

Jeanette said...

And that would make me a Great Aunt and I am CERTAINLY NOT old enough for that! I just started having to color my whole head so I am CERTAINLY NOT old enough for that title! And they say teenagers have no manners....seesh! I wasn't even there and I am offended ;}

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